Huadu Primary School: “Etiquette” light start school-based training season more “first”

On the morning of February 19, Huaihua Huadu primary school invited senior etiquette trainer Platinum teacher and Huaihua Institute of Education and science Liu Yong, director of all the teachers of the school carried out professional body etiquette and subject knowledge training.Etiquette education is like fresh air. It can’t be seen or touched, but it can make people relaxed and happy.As a teacher, as a model, as a model for children, but also to do civilized behavior, receive people and things decent generous, correct language expression and full of wisdom.In the etiquette training, Platinum teacher from the personal image, social communication etiquette in the standing posture, sitting posture, squatting posture, walking posture and other aspects, with vivid language, clear action to explain to the teachers one by one, and asked the teacher to come to the stage for interaction.Scientific research is the source of the development of education and an effective way to improve the professional quality of teachers and the quality of schools.In order to better promote the process of teachers’ subject research, standardize the path of subject declaration, improve the quality of subject selection, and enhance teachers’ scientific research ability, Director Liu Yong took the title of “How primary and secondary School Teachers Carry out Educational Research”,From “why to do research”, “how to fill in the project application review”, “general steps of research”, “topic selection in research”, “research content” and other key content, through a specific case, multi-angle, all-round development of the research work to give professional guidance.Participating teachers listen carefully, timely record, aftertaste, thinking, benefit a lot.

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