Great space, big rims, you got a lot of bugs, real Jaguar F-Pace

As jaguar’s first SUV model, the success of the JAGUAR F-PACE has made us realize that SUVs can also have their own “personality”.At present, many SUV models give up sporty in favor of more stylish.In the face of the domestic SUV market, the Jaguar F-Pace still stands its ground, bringing us a sport luxury SUV that can enrich the choices of the masses.The JAGUAR F-Pace has a dynamic design with a dot-matrix center net that makes the front look cool.Headlights present a distinct design style, linear design brings a good three-dimensional effect.The dimensions of the car are 4747/2071/1664mm and the wheelbase is 2874mm.The car side elegant, simple and clean both visual sense.The car is fitted with Pirelli tyres, both front and rear of 255/50 R20, with multi-spoke wheel rims.In terms of rear design, the JAGUAR F-Pace has smooth lines and a rounded shape that gives it a compact feel.Exhaust layout, the car uses a hidden design, coupled with delicate smoked taillight, so that the tail line smooth and soothing, good visual effect.Come to the Jaguar F-Pace inside the car, the car interior presents a noble design style, with silver ornaments, the car interior is very luxurious atmosphere.The car is equipped with electric backcar, front side airbag, fatigue driving tips and other configurations, rich in functions, so that it has a great improvement in the use of convenience.Jaguar F-PACE three-spoke steering Wheel The whole design looks standard, made of leather, with steering wheel memory, steering wheel 4-way electric adjustment.In addition, the instrument display unique design style, this novel style can suddenly attract people’s attention.In terms of seats, the standard sports style leather seats, in the embellishment of stitches feeling full grade, comfort is good.The front seats are equipped with seat heating, electric adjustment, seat memory and other functions, very practical.The rear row of the car is very good performance, it is a pity that there are some bumps in the middle of the platform, causing the middle passengers leg room narrow, affecting the comfort.The car is equipped with air conditioning vents, rear head air bags, rear side privacy glass.In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0t four-cylinder turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 250 HP and a peak torque of 365 N · m. It is matched with an 8AT gearbox, with a maximum speed of 217km/h and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.7L/100km.Comments: Jaguar F-Pace rich interior design is a plus point, the overall design style is also very good.From an overall point of view, there are not too many problems in the appearance, interior or power of this car, which can handle daily use well.All things considered, this model is quite good.

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