Gaotai: Rural Commercial Bank of China will increase the provision of agriculture-related loans to help prepare for spring farming

Now is the spring ploughing preparation season, in order to ensure a continuous increase in agricultural production and income, Gaotai Rural Commercial Bank to strengthen agriculture-related loan services, planning to lend 1 billion yuan to help spring ploughing preparation.In recent days, farmers have taken out loans to buy agricultural materials, agricultural machinery and busy preparing for spring ploughing. Every link contains hope for the New Year.Reporters in gaotai Rural commercial bank camel city branch business hall to see, to apply for loan procedures of farmers in an endless stream, the staff patiently to farmers to introduce the spring farming loan process and matters for attention, while carefully reviewing loan information, loan business.Zhang Guoqin, a villager in Qianjin Village, Luotuo Town, plans to plant 260 mu of commercial corn and Onions this year. As there is still a capital gap of more than 200,000 yuan, he applied for a loan from rural Commercial Bank early.Zhang Guoqin, villager of Qianjin Village, Luotuo Town, said, “It took me less than two days to get the funds in place from submitting the application materials to making the loan.In order to facilitate people to apply for loans, Gaotai Rural Commercial Bank has opened a green channel of credit funds for spring ploughing preparation, simplified the credit process, increased the credit limit, and implemented priority supply of funds for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural machinery and tools needed for agricultural production in the loan issuance.And through mobile banking and other convenient ways, timely and fully meet farmers’ reasonable demand for credit.Camel town, Xinlian village villager Zhao Guanghu: “my credit line is 100 thousand yuan, I just applied for 70 thousand yuan on the phone, the loan immediately to the account, the future loan, repayment at any time in my phone can be solved, no longer have to run to the bank, very convenient and fast.”At the same time, Gaotai Rural Commercial Bank also organizes credit personnel to go deep into the farm yard, planting and breeding area, field and other spring ploughing preparation front line, carry out credit to the countryside to the village to the household service work, from policy publicity, product docking, door-to-door service and other aspects, sincerely help farmers to solve the financing needs.Gaotai Rural Commercial Bank Deputy secretary of the Party Committee president Wang Sen: “I plan early, early arrangements, early deployment, plan to put in the first quarter of agricultural loans 1 billion yuan, up to now has been a total of 460 million yuan in agricultural loans, to ensure the smooth development of the county spring farming preparation work.”(Reporter: Du Ping)

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