Film and Television Adaptation and “Original book Fans”

If the film and television works adapted from novels are not popular, they will certainly bring some criticism on whether they are faithful to the original works or whether the plots are reasonable.The latest incident comes from the audience’s discussion on the adaptation effect of the TV series “The World”.One of the points of contention was whether Zhou Rong, the daughter of Zhou Rong, should kiss her father on a trip to a railway station in 1969.Some viewers said that the plot was not in the original novel and was added in the TV adaptation.The questioning audience is very perceptive.First of all, in that particular era, kissing to express affection was taboo in itself.If it’s a couple, it’s considered “hooliganism.”Adult family kisses can be considered at least an display of xiaozi affection, or at worst, suspected of being “foreign” (because only foreigners express everyday emotions in that way).The Zhou family was a worker’s family, so they didn’t have the habit of kissing to express affection.Therefore, this adaptation of the script violates the logic of life in the historical context on which the plot is backed.Readers of the original have reason to offer their own criticisms.An acquaintance of mine, who lived in the Northeast in his early years, is also reading The World.After watching the first few episodes, the teacher pointed out one detail: in those days, there was no menu to order in restaurants, and the waiter was not responsible for delivering the food. You had to take a piece of paper to the window to get it yourself.This friend would have been about 15 years younger than the character in the play, and society was clearly “modern” and much more advanced in his childhood.The show’s deviation from the details of life can be seen here.However, audiences shouldn’t dwell too much on such missteps, especially for liang’s adaptations.For many years, the media and researchers used to regard Liang Xiaosheng’s novels as realistic novels, but they did not realize that he was very romantic at heart, and “reality” was just the label of his subject matter.But in this way, it will bring more difficulty to the adaptor.The longer the distance between the story setting and contemporary life, the more challenges to the scriptwriter, the more daoism, the more acting.Realistic novels are adapted into film and television works, leaving many regrets for original lovers (original fans).After the novel is adapted into a TV series, fans of the original may not be satisfied, and the critical details will extend from the plot to the actors.The most recent example is the knife in the Snow that I talked about with you in the article.The adaptation of The Sword in the Snow is similar to the previous year’s “King of drama” “Celebrate More Years”. It is also a big change at the beginning, which is normal for a super-long online novel of more than 4 million words.First, it is difficult to copy the details of film adaptation novels;Secondly, network novels do have some content, which is not suitable for mainstream communication.TV series is the mass literary products, difficult to tune the “difficult”, this time to show.Fans of the original work have been dissatisfied with the appearance of Jiang Ni and Pei Nanwei in the drama, the former not beautiful enough, and the latter not young enough and romantic enough.Soon, the two roles were cast differently in the rumored cast for season 2.But Li Gengxi and Sui Junbo have their own merits in temperament.Li Gengxi starred in The Winter Olympic-themed Transcendence, and Sui Junbo showed her acting talent as Hao Dongmei in This World.Generally, network novels do not pay much attention to the rationality of character and emotion design, but also “entrain” some contemporary aesthetic.”PeiNa reed” the character in the novel “bed armour” title, just want to explain the princess’s ability to charm the opposite sex, and TV shows, the actor’s appearance in fact no big problem, and to a certain extent with a bit of modern aesthetic and sexy, the only problem is that the face slightly darker, let the audience can’t feel the aura.This case is hinder the limitation that go up at play, 2 it is to make up the foil on modelling is not enough, with actor concern return not quite big really.If the second season really because of the original fan controversy, the actor is changed, to take over the new actors can complete a smooth transition, will affect the long drama in the sense of cohesion?The reaction to the original book fans should be divided into two parts. Reasonable opinions can be reserved, but blindly follow them.One of the secrets of successful adaptations of contemporary novels is that they must be made as classics, even if the original is not great.When the mainland remake jin Yong wuxia, why can in the model of numerous versions of the fight for a place, is also in this point.Try to shoot, may not guarantee success, but at least not fail.I’m sure there will be surprises.For example, a few years ago, the drama Ordinary World, as a well-known contemporary novel, has a relatively wide popularity, but the drama and conflict are not very strong, and there is a certain degree of subjective romantic impulse to forcibly rewrite the reality logic, far less suitable for film adaptation than Lu Yao’s early life.However, as soon as wang Lei and others came out with the northern Shaanxi accent and the northern Shaanxi folk song at the beginning of the film, they successfully created a strong regional temperament. Even if some details are not quite in line with the logic of life, the audience still accepted them with tolerance.This is not entirely the charm of the original work, its charm comes from the successful adaptation.Please send your contributions to

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