Envision PLUS pickup

Classmate – ALWAYS want to buy a car impulse, before accompanied him to the local Buick 4S shop.At the beginning, I thought the red Envision S was very nice and sporty, but I still chose the Cylon Envision Plus.Calm with high-end and introverted, in our hearts, or black and white department never tire of seeing.The reason why I chose him must be that I was touched by the buick public account article and that I exceeded my expectation after seeing it with my own eyes.The overall appearance of Bek Envision PLUS is grand, dynamic and refined. The pure and sculptural profile, delicate and technological exterior decoration and wing details make the whole car look confident, elegant and energetic.The sales consultant introduced the interior, a new interactive design with 360-degree wings and a design theme centered on intelligence.In fact, for us to buy a car, driving sense is as important as appearance design, after all, it is used for work and leisure.The reason why I choose Envision Plus is that I can enjoy a comfortable driving experience and a clear view when COMMUTING or going on a long journey in the city. As long as I have a high view, I will be less tired and the road conditions will be clear.The car overall is very desirable, appearance level accounted for a large percentage.The sharp headlight design is cool.The front grid design is also classic Buick.There is also an air purification system in the car to ensure that the air stays healthy even after a long drive.The trunk is so big, I’m so excited to go out with my friends and family. I can put everything on the trunk grill and go camping together.This is the heart of contract science.At present, it seems that the Envision Plus meets my classmates’ wishes in terms of comfort and appearance. I am so happy to drive my favorite one home today.

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