Cui Minjing broke the Olympic record, Han Yutong came back to the final, Wang Meng chaoshen predicted

The women’s 1500 m short track speed skating plays to the quarter-finals, China three contestants, Zhang Yuting, Zhang Chutong, yu hon tung, the quarter-final has ended, China’s three will succeed is to qualify and Zhang Yuting in group 1 through 3, yu hon tung qualification, the fourth group 3 Zhang Chutong group 6 in the fourth,She qualified fourth fastest in her group.Semi-final game, Zhang Chutong in the first group, yu hon tung and Zhang Yuting in the third group, the promotion rules, each team of the previous two runners-up, three groups of the fastest group third promotion, the first group game, Jin Buting, Li Youbin, fontana, all is in this group, after the match began, the United States leading player stoddard, Zhang Chutong came last,7 laps left when she rushed to the second, impact stage, Li Yobin and Jin Yalang ranked in the first 2, Zhang Chutong fell to the last, Li Yobin group first, Fang Tana group second, Zhang Chutong was the last to cross the line.The second game, the Dutch star ShuErTing, Belgium’s DE mei, Japan’s chrysanthemum ChiChunLi, santos in the United States in this group, after the match began, Japan’s top of chrysanthemum ChiChunLi, 7 laps to santos, rushed to the first, the sprint phase ShuErTing rushed to 1, Japan’s chrysanthemum ChiChunLi fell, ShuErTing first, DE Mayo, second,After a video review, Petra was awarded a foul and Kikuchi juni and Santos were awarded the group B final.A third group of two Chinese players, yu hon tung and Zhang Yuting, world record holder Cui Minjing also in this group, the group of eight players, Zhang Yuting in third, yu hon tung location comparison, sprint, substantial lead Cui Minjing sprint, yu hon tung power even after people, chasing Cui Minjing, eventually Cui Minjing first, yu hon tung second promotion.Cui Minjing set a new Olympic record of 2 minutes 16.83 seconds, breaking the record set by Zhou Yang in 2010. Wang Mengshen predicted when commentary, she said han Yutong was waiting for Cui Minjing. As a result, the two finally sprint to the first and second place respectively.

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