Billions of “cattle scattered” private ge Weidong, Chen Fashu, Deng Xiaofeng, Lin Yuan and other positions in detail exposure

There is a saying in the industry that the ultimate destination of those who call niu Bi is private equity!You end up with your own product.On the one hand, the reason is money, which has something to do with the assessment system of public offering funds. Public offering is based on state-owned assets, and its assessment is based on the ranking of relative returns. The income of fund managers generally has little to do with the income of the products they manage.Private placement is not the same, their own hair products, to make money on their own, fee management fees are still received, a word cool.In addition, a lot of private equity are their own money to invest, fund-raising is only a part of their money, so their money must be more concerned, after all, not leek money.Other venture capital now hot, a lot of private equity fund will also go to the primary market, China’s high speed development period in the past ten years, especially the development of capital market, chinext, kechuang board, north the establishment of the exchange, IPO can speed up, brought convenience for venture capital exits, once cast for a listing, or by mergers and acquisitions, will produce great wealth effect,Therefore, it attracts a large number of people to enter the equity investment industry.Basically private equity masters are not only masters of the secondary market, many times they are also playing in the primary market, such as Ge Weidong, such as Chen Fushu.Ge Weidong’s chaos investment specializes in commodity futures, securities and financial derivatives and other fields of investment, the futures circle known as “Evil of east” nicknamed “Ge Big Boss” by securities investment into the Hurun Rich list.Ge Weidong’s current hands are as follows:Mr Chen, from scratch, from carpentry to fujian’s richest man, is a legend, less than 30 years of age before was worth 30 billion Forbes list of fujian’s richest man, especially like to fry, in 2020 the two heavy warehouse stock let his reputation in the market to fame, one is the Chinese world, and there’s a longji exempt his stake in China is in September – December 19 years into the field,Cost around 90 yuan, bought 14.46 million shares, this stock started half a year later, the highest 403.78.The highest rise of 300%, he is also high began to reduce the shipment.Another longi share.This stock pv leading, known as pv mau.He started to enter the market in June, 2018, buying 49.37 million shares for the first time and increasing his position all the way. By March, 2020, it had reached 144 million shares, with an average cost of less than 30 yuan. Then, in May, 2020, Longji shares began to gain strength, with 30 yuan rising to 125 yuan.Four times more…Then the high began to reduce the shipment, this one stock to earn more than 10 billion.Stock Chen Fashu currently holds: Feng Liu.He started out as a retail investor, and now he’s a billionaire in private equity.Thinking qing qi, liquor started, very focused on speculative trading players.Since 2003, Feng Liu has been focusing on secondary market investment, with unique insights and creative understanding of the market and investment methods.Anecdotally, Feng Liu when joining Gao Yi assets accumulated earnings in the first decade of the 900 times more than his current position is as follows: Lin, Lin, chairman of investment, has nearly 30 years of experience in investment capital market, its products through callable bull/bear contracts, in the investment community is known as “China stock god”, “folk strands of god”, “Chinese warren buffett”.And the most talked about by the public, when he started 8000 yuan, 18 years to earn 2 billion legendary story.There is a bit of awesome place is guizhou Maotai 30 yuan to enter, get now, this is really awesome.The current stocks of Linyuan are: Jinarowana, Tongrentang, Yili, Lepu Medical, Yunnan Baiyao, Yiling Pharmaceutical, Pien Tze Huang, Kweichow Moutai, Haitian Soy Sauce, And Zhongxin Pharmaceutical.Lin Peng is considered to be the leader of value investment in the industry. I have always been impressed by his saying, “My style is that when the market rises sharply, the performance may not be too good, but when the market drops sharply, it will be more resistant to decline”.He’s really practicing value investing, doing things that have a high probability of being right in the long run.Profit mainly comes from the growth of the intrinsic value of the enterprise, and does not participate in the zero-sum game.His current position details are as follows: investment is responsible for their own capital, their stock only represents their views, ordinary investors can refer to, but must conform to their own investment philosophy, have their own judgment, can not blindly follow, otherwise doomed to be leek.

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