20 billion yuan market rise!Is script killing really a good business?

In recent years, the emerging entertainment activities represented by “script killing” and “Chamber of Secrets” are emerging in the market, and have become the first choice for young people’s entertainment activities.On March 1 this year, the provisional Regulations on the content management of the Chamber of Secrets will be officially implemented in Shanghai.Shanghai is also the first city in China to officially put secret room drama under management.How is the current market situation in Shanghai?Shanghai: script kill store rapid expansion demand strong ticket prices can be sold to 500 yuan in Shanghai Putuo District of a script kill store reporters see, weekday afternoon, there are still a lot of players are playing script kill.They sit in a circle with their own scripts and have heated discussions, relying on communication and logical reasoning to find answers.The person in charge told reporters that their private rooms are almost fully booked even on weekdays, especially during the Spring Festival is hard to get.Yang Wenhui, founder of a playhouse store in Shanghai, said: “We used to have 10 rooms, but now there is too much demand from players. We have increased the number of performances to 16 rooms, and reservations can only be made one month in advance.January has already booked all the grades during the Spring Festival in February.In the interview, the reporter found that the players of script killing and chamber of Secrets are mainly young people who like logical reasoning, role playing and fresh experience, and many of them can play 2 to 3 script killing a week.In addition to desktop screenkilling, immersive screenkilling has also begun to emerge in the market over the past year.Usually such script killing store covers an area of large, exquisite scenery, there are many actors and actresses through the interpretation of the way to guide the players to play the game, but this kind of immersive script killing customer unit price at about 500 yuan per person, is 3 times the desktop script killing customer unit price.Wang Yu, director of an immersive art reasoning theater in Shanghai: This is a scene in one of our scripts. There are hundreds of special lighting points, including cement cave setting, cement tree building and a 6-meter-long dragon body. The total cost is about millions.Data shows that China’s script killing market has reached 11.74 billion yuan in 2020, and is expected to increase to 23.89 billion yuan by 2022, as the rapidly developing emerging industry brings consumption at the same time, there are also many problems.With the expansion of the scale of consumers, playbook stores have sprung up like mushrooms. Data shows that there are more than 10,000 board game-related enterprises nationwide, and the number of newly registered enterprises in 2021 alone is 5,957, the most in the past decade, with a year-on-year growth of 85%.Some script kill store Shanghai district director money 溋 : I entered the line for more than two years, at that time we are only one store, these two years to now, the country has nearly 50 stores.Meng Yuyang is a play in Shanghai to kill the head of the store, the reporter saw him, he was discussing the design of the new play and scene with the studio staff.He told reporters that the script killing industry is developing very fast, the threshold is relatively low, with the industry competition is increasingly fierce, they need to keep innovating content to attract more consumers.In addition, with the rapid development of script killing, there are also many urgent problems to be solved.Shanghai some script kill culture spread limited company founder Meng Yuyang: set up shop threshold is relatively low, buy a few script decoration can.Some content may involve content that is not suitable for minors to participate in, and there is the risk of piracy. If the shop owner does not have the so-called report or all the qualifications, it may be difficult to Sue for rights protection.In the interview, many players also told reporters that they were playing the chamber of Secrets when the script killed, also really encountered some scary experience.Shanghai script kill player: can not accept the “ghost” suddenly chase out, I think it is best to do grading, so that different players can challenge different levels.The reporter understands, the Shanghai’s “chamber of the script to kill content management interim provisions” and business operation entity strict self-discipline of script, set the content of the scene, provide clothing and props, etc., and for the record, and the content of the script to not appropriate for minors to participate in product set tip, and shall not allow minors to enter.Li Binghua, director of market management Department of Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, said: “We hope to improve the awareness of practitioners and enhance the screening and identification ability of operators. This official document specifically emphasizes the need to improve the protection mechanism for minors.”The main purpose is to help the development of the industry in a more orderly, standardized and healthy way, and to stabilize investment expectations and management expectations of the industry.

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