Yuzuru Hanyu made his debut at the Beijing Training ground, saying, “I will try my best to refuel.”

Come out!Yuzuru Hanyu finally appeared in Beijing, appeared in the official camera, appeared in the capital Stadium of the auxiliary training hall, officially began his third winter Olympics trip!It was hanyu’s first appearance on ice since arriving in Beijing yesterday afternoon.It was his first public appearance in two months since the all-day championship in Late December 2021.Yuzuru Hanyu, who came to the capital Stadium ice rink in the spotlight, also practiced publicly for only half an hour.He first practiced adaptive skating on ice, 3F, 3Lo, 3F, 2Lo, 3Lz1Eu3S, 4T, 4T1Eu2S, 4S, 3Lo, 3A…The routine jumps were performed with remarkable ease.The high quality of the beautiful jump also let the volunteers in the stadium a burst of surprise.He also attempted several 4A jumps in the ensemble, including the free skate “With Heaven and Earth,” but did not complete well.The 30-minute practice session was short, but hanyu’s expression on the court was solemn but relaxed.Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, he will start the men’s short program.After the first day of open training, Yuzuru Hanyu also received a brief group interview from the media throng.He said he came to Beijing with a good feeling that he had done all the training he needed to do.And I thought the venue was really beautiful.While thinking like this, he finished the training happily.As for the challenge of 4A, which attracts the most attention, Yuzu Hanyu also said, “I have all kinds of thoughts in my mind, such as topics and points of good performance, etc. Although I have many ideas, today is today and I feel good about it. I hope I can continue to develop in a good direction every day.”He also explained that he tried a new way for the 4A challenge after the all-day tournament, and now he is doing it in a different way from the all-day tournament.With the short program starting tomorrow, Feb. 8, Hanyu also said that balancing 4A and “must win” was equal in his mind.For now, the most important thing is to focus on the short program.For Yuzuru Hanyu, both the short program and the free skate are “one time” performances and competitions in his mind.But at the moment, the most important thing to focus on is still the short program, he will first of all in the short program can do a good accumulation of things.Heading into his first race at his third Winter Olympics, Yuzuru Hanyu admitted that he would be nervous because the Olympics are the Olympics, but that he now “has a good feeling.”Knowing that he was carrying the expectation of millions of people, Yuzu Hanyu’s answer was as fiery as ever: “I will try my best to cheer up, although I won’t say, ‘Please cheer me up!I’d love it if people came to see me.”Well, please know that even if you can’t be there, millions of people around the world will be watching and cheering you on in one way or another.Attachment: The men’s single short program will start at 9:15 am on February 8th, yuzuru Hanyu will appear in the 21st place, and the competition is expected to start at around 12:15.Before that, around 11:59, the fourth set of six minutes will begin.

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