Why do cows and sheep have different fat colors

If you pay attention when eating beef and mutton, you will find that there is a big difference in the color of fat between cattle and sheep. Cows are yellow, while sheep are white.We all know this is a simple truth, the color of animal fat mainly depends on the content of pigment in fat, pigment and mostly from plant feed, including carrot ト and lutein, the content of both determine the color of fat, is also herbivorous animals, why sheep and cattle fat color is not the same?Butter fats are a condensation of fatty acids and glycerol.Animal fat is a solid at room temperature. It is mainly distributed in the connective tissue, greater omentum, mesentery, kidney and other surrounding tissues under the skin of animals. It plays a protective and supportive role and is also the main energy storage material of animals.As mentioned above, the color of animal fat is determined by the amount of carotenin and lutein in the plant material.Although both cattle and sheep feed on grass, they also eat it and absorb its carotenoids, lutein, chlorophyll A, and chlorophyll B.But there is an enzyme in the liver that breaks down the carotene and lutein in the food into colorless substances, so the pigment content in sheep fat is very little or none, so sheep fat is as white as snow.Cows, on the other hand, don’t have the colourless enzyme in their livers that breaks down carotenoids and lutein. As a result, these pigments accumulate in fat, which makes cow fat yellow.The content of pigment in adipose and food and physiology condition also concern.The chloroplast in summer food is very rich, and the fat of cattle is yellow than that in winter.Old cattle because of long-term pigment accumulation, fat color is darker than calf;When hungry, because pigment is broken down more slowly than fat, fat becomes darker.Sheep if the liver disease, will cause changes in enzyme activity, resulting in sheep fat yellow.This is a kind of pathology, naturally special.

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