Top 10 reasons why websites are slow to open

When doing website SEO optimization, we often encounter the problem of slow website opening speed, which affects the user experience of the whole website.Users come to the site through the search engine, the site open speed is the first impression, the impression points if lost, will affect the layout of the whole site, first of all, the site jump out rate is very high, the conversion rate is basically no, let alone the order.SEO1, server performance server is really one of the main factors affecting the speed of the website to open, small station rented virtual host space, large station rented independent server, which is related to demand.Space stability is not stable, server stability is good, must consider clearly.2, DNS resolution time domain name back resolution times and the time spent each resolution product is the DNS resolution of the time consumed, DNS is also very important to the website resolution speed, but many people ignore.3. Flash/ video/audio Flash/ video/audio is a direct factor that affects the speed of the site opening, which does not need to be explained too much.4. Too many images The image and content of the site is too large, and it takes a lot of time to download and load.This problem exists in many websites with many pictures. The way to solve this problem is to optimize picture compression and use CDN to accelerate pictures.5, program code problems webpage program code is too redundant will slow down the opening speed of the site.If the site is not tested or checked after it is built, it can become overloaded with faulty code or redundant code.6, the installation of too many plug-ins site plug-ins, of course, there is a certain use, but if there are too many plug-ins on a site will affect the opening time of the site.7, a large number of database query small website in the execution of a large number of database operations, will also affect the site open speed, here make ASP + Access structure of the site is particularly obvious, especially at the same time there are a large number of users to submit comments, the operation of the database lock, resulting in the site can not open.8, high load access when the website to some extent suddenly increased a large number of users to visit, it will cause server overload, then the website open time is slow, the number of people skyrocketing overload may let the server crash.9. Use other resources. Don’t use too much content from other websites, including pictures, videos, etc.If you quote something directly from another site on your page, and that site is slow, the product is changed or removed, your site will have an impact on the opening speed.10, visitors’ network environment visitors’ network environment is a more objective problem, at present is the main factor causing the site to open the speed, at present, there is no good way to solve it.There are many factors that affect the slow opening speed of the website, so we should consider the performance of the server at the beginning of the website;The opening speed of the site is not only not conducive to the crawl of the search engine spiders, but also affects the site keyword ranking and user experience.No speed, no users, no traffic, no conversion and orders.Author: good with words,

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