The girl had a high fever and fainted in the waiting room

A child in the arms of a passenger suddenly became unwell while waiting for a train at Mojiang Railway Station on January 13 during a routine check by passenger security inspectors and police.Police dialogue child’s mother: “is a fever, I took the temperature.”‘Was he ill, and feverish all the way?Such a high temperature……”When the police asked the passenger for details, the child in her arms suddenly fainted.Mother: “Hurry up, what’s wrong with this?Call 120, call 120.””Do it for me quickly.””Call 120.””Call me quickly.””I’ll call 120 for you.”Because mojiang station is far from the city, 120 to the station will take some time, and the child is in critical condition, so the police decided to drive the passengers to the hospital.Police talk to the child’s mother: “No, no.”Take the baby. We’re going outside. Now we’re going to take you to the hospital.Is this the only bag?””Be.””Walk walk……”Police drove with mother and daughter rushed to the hospital, at the same time, but also helped them to contact the hospital in advance to prepare for the reception, only 10 minutes, the child was sent to the hospital.Police: “fever……Fever, where is the fever clinic?””Come on, let me hug you.”Fortunately, the timely medical treatment, the child has turned the corner.8099999 Reporter report editor: H

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