Spring here | spring ploughing ready to sow not farming time

Changsha County Chunhua town rouge port vegetable supply base.Photo/Zhou Guoqiang) Huasheng Online February 9 news (reporter Li Kunli correspondent Liu Xinyu Liu Siyuan) The beginning of spring has been over, the field of Changsha, star city presents a vibrant scene, the villagers can be seen everywhere in the spring ploughing preparation figure, we seize the season, sowing hope.In changsha County Chunhua town rouge port vegetable supply base, more than a dozen greenhouses in turn, crawling in the vast field.Vegetable farmers grab the season, riveted full strength, busy planting greenhouse vegetables.Chunhua town rouge port vegetable supply base, vegetable seedlings in the shed have been “out”.Photo/Liu Xinyu) Vegetable farmer Yang Xiangen is planting cucumber seedlings in the greenhouse, “now is the time to plant, if not planted, seedlings will grow long, the elders.”Yang Xiangen introduced that the start of spring is the best time to transplant cucumber seedlings, planting late not only affect growth, but also lead to production reduction.”I have been growing vegetables for 20 years, and we have been operating this base for 16 years.”Rouge harbor vegetable supplies base responsible person Luo Zhiyong to introduce, his vegetable base was on the move in all 30 acres of land, spring season, the base began to get busy.Vegetables in the greenhouses are mainly sent to Changsha Haijixing International Agricultural Products Logistics Park in addition to the supply of surrounding residents.Luo Zhiyong said with a smile: “Now our vegetable sales in the field is no worry, it is expected that the net profit of one mu of land in the first half of this year can have ten thousand yuan!”(Farmers in Huangxing send their harvest to sell chrysanthemum coronarium.Photo/Liu Siyuan) In Luzhiling Village, Huangxing Town, vegetable greenhouses everywhere not only enrich people’s vegetable baskets, but also bring rich income for villagers.In the greenhouse of the Xiumei Villa family farm, liu Guocun, head of the farm, and several staff members are busy picking chrysanthemum chrysanthemum.”This year, there are a total of 90 greenhouses in my farm, and more than 70 acres of open vegetable fields, planted more than 10 varieties such as cabbage, celery, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and so on, can harvest about 1 ton a day, pull to the Haijixing market can be sold out, no worries about sales, the price is stable, can earn more than 6,000 a day!”Referring to the harvest of the New Year, Liu Guocun said with a smile.Liu Guocun is the first person in Luzhiling village to plant greenhouse vegetables. After years of research on greenhouse vegetable planting, he has become a famous local vegetable farmer.Led by him, more and more farmers in the village began to grow greenhouse vegetables, and the annual output value of pepper alone reached 10 million yuan.Changsha county Agriculture and rural bureau related person in charge of introduction, by the recent continuous low temperature rain and snow weather, vegetable production is facing a test.To this end, county agriculture and rural bureau organization planting technical personnel to the vegetable base, guide farmers to take the shelter covered with film, resistance wire heating and other heat preservation measures, improve seedling rate, to ensure the spring vegetable production.(Vegetable greenhouses to take inside the greenhouse covered with film insulation measures.Photo/Changsha County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs)

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