Sanya spring property market outlook: steady word in the future

Real estate is one of the pillar industries of urban development, and the level of urban development is closely related to the scale and quality of real estate development.In 2021, Sanya, under the wave of booming free trade port, is moving without stop.In the real estate market of Sanya in this year, the sales area of the whole city and the newly pre-sold area of the new house market increased double year on year, and the initial entry of the housing project greatly activated the purchase intention of the group in need.However, the land market entered a downward trend, the land transaction area decreased by nearly 60% year on year, the transaction value decreased by over 90%, residential land transaction only 4 cases.Under the strict order of purchase restriction, the new house record price is limited to rise, the second-hand house price reference system, strike hard “bundling sales”, the commercial office is strictly prohibited “class residence”…A series of policy tightening, in the housing does not fry the main tone, the New Year and contain what kind of opportunity?According to data from Sanya Real Estate Information Network, the commercial housing transaction volume in Sanya in January 2022 totaled 2,097 units, compared with 1,096 units in December 2021, up 91.3% from The previous month. The highest daily transaction volume reached 317 units on January 15.According to leju monitoring data, in January 2022, a total of 18 land parcels were sold in Hainan, with a total transaction area of 329,900 square meters and a total gold of 2.918 billion, involving only 5 cities and counties.Overall, there were 17 fewer land transactions in Hainan in January compared with December 2021;Among them, the transaction area decreased 95.54% from the previous month and increased 8.84% year on year;Transaction amount decreased by 84.17%, up by 163.83%.Of the land parcels traded, only 4 are residential land, and 3 are related to the construction of residential commercial housing.Among them, Plot B0307 of Meian Science and Technology New Town in Haikou city and Plot 1 of Plot no. 2021-29, Basuo Town, Dongfang City will be used for the construction of residential commercial housing.Haikou H0406 plot 22.5 % for the construction of housing commodity housing.In Sanya, there was only one transaction of industrial land in the land market in January, and there was no listed land.2022 Sanya spring property market development direction will be how?The word “stability” will run through the whole year of 2022. At the policy level, we will continue to adhere to the positioning of “housing rather than speculation”, and support the commercial housing market to better meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers. Urban policies will promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry.The macro real estate policy will be more favorable to reasonable housing demand, and more emphasis will be placed on the implementation of policies tailored to different cities. In this way, residents will be supported to live in their own homes and improve the purchase of housing, thus promoting a virtuous cycle of the industry.Returning to the product itself, the quality effect “explodes” in housing and living. Under the control of city policies, stabilizing land price, housing price, expectation and long-term mechanism, the property of real estate is bigger than before. For the real estate in Sanya, good products and services are more important and more popular with customers.People pay more attention to the comfort and health of products, and the demand for housing is gradually diversified. Functionality and comfort will become the living requirements of a higher level in the future.With the promotion of the three-child policy, the demand for three-room and four-room products will increase, which may become a product trend.Quality is also the housing enterprises can pass through the cycle, obtain large scale and benefit, stable growth of weight.In 2021, in addition to an increase in the area of land transaction in Hainan, the number of transactions and transaction amount are on a downward trend, but the performance of each city and county is different.Haikou, Sanya and Wenchang are still the focus of real estate enterprises.And this year hainan central cities and counties also have a deal of residential land, mainly for the construction of housing commodity housing.In January 2022 in Hainan, a total of 18 land parcels were traded, only 4 of which were for residential purposes, and 3 of which involved the construction of residential commercial housing.There were 25 land transactions in Sanya in 2021, and the total land area of supporting facilities accounted for the highest proportion of 40.76%, commercial service land accounted for 27.56%, and residential land accounted for 24.21%. The 4 residential land sold were all housing projects, all won by Poly Group.In January this year, sanya land market dynamics only 1 industrial land transaction.It can be seen that the proportion of residential land is gradually decreasing, and these residential land transactions basically involve the construction of residential commercial housing.However, with the construction of hainan free trade port, the settlement of talents is gradually increasing, and the scale of local demand for rigid demand and improvement is gradually expanding. 2022 May usher in a “blowout” year of rigid demand for housing, and residential housing may gradually replace the local rigid demand market, relatively diverting the local customers in the pure commercial new house market.In 2022, with the expansion and upgrading of cities and the continuous advancement of urbanization, the adsorption capacity of urban population is further enhanced, and the market still contains huge potential.Although the land market is affected by the contraction strategy of real estate enterprises, the “wait-and-see” mood of consumers will gradually fade with the market repair, the potential demand for housing will be gradually released, and the market transaction may pick up slightly.With the improvement of transportation infrastructure in Sanya, the location advantage in the traditional sense may gradually fade away, and the difference in product preference of different purchasing groups will gradually expand.For home buyers, it is more rational, more pursuit of quality, taste, brand.For real estate development enterprises, opportunities and challenges coexist.Driven by policies, land and market, sanya’s real estate market in 2022 will be a year worth looking forward to.Article source: Leju buy a house

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