Kamen Rider adds 6 new members, Subtree into cute skull, Soulsword linked hearthstone legend

Hello!Hello everyone, I am Yuan Wu, every day take you to see a different kamen knight.Always around knight BBS friend must be seen from the many great god design persona knight and Alt mode, they have in common is that appearance is very handsome, every day there are all kinds of new knights were designed, recently the mask knight’s submission for the knight was added some new members, including six knight modelling is very characteristic, but also set is very interesting.This is a reference to kamen Rider Holy Blade transformation design soul swordsman Mary Thea, the prototype is hearthstone legend card soul scientist Mary Thea.Use trip soul sword phosphorus (with magical beast book demon world flower fantasy control book change, shape is based on the world’s western ladies dress design, deep red clothing is outside the dress shape of armor, head shape similar to the sickle, there are four terror eyes, but for a sword, small make up almost thought this is a knight.Mary shia sword and knight of the book set quite interesting, sword into a sword and bow, knight’s book is divided into two pages, that is a change to prop has two forms, uniform appearance, but the color is different, the power of use is different also, the second form is time limitation, can be maximizing the power of the sword, a bit like Faiz acceleration model.Bow and arrow mode of travel soul sword phosphorus (is the most noble of all the small series of swords seen, the hilt extends out of the bow body, bow body on both sides of the extension of the golden feather shape of the bow and energy bowstring, the middle of the sword is a spring arrow device, pull the bow string when the sword tip will emerge magic array, and finally condensed out of the energy arrow to launch.It has to be said that the imagination of fans is big, and the officials dare not play so. If the model is out, xiaobian will be the first to start with.Due to the false face knight riding a dragon play of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a lot of great god designed the dragon ride a series of knights, including false face knight day fox is which is in conformity with the mirror knight set, appearance is wearing a silver cloak female knight, contract mechanical fox monster beast is a humanoid, smell of rice lotus shrine, 6 card corresponding shield, gloves, pike, contracts,And 2 knight skills, set very comprehensive.Together also cannot little knight, false face knight one catalogue, skull, an amalgamation of the dragon to ride before the three knights, transformation is set to false face knight riding double tying the tree, the transformation form with a catalogue of the skull, mirror the world came from the dragon to ride through the ability, can actually see attitude also guess is a female knight, although skeleton is the theme of the knights were not terrible.It’s kind of cute.And according to the false face knight in the mask knight reverse design, use of antelope seal change, average Alt mode, transformation of design is very creative and seal the slot and the device is an organic whole, insert the seal after transformation directly, if you want to switch forms can seal slot, turn to the right and false face knight Evi l double drive some similar.”False face knight 01″ has not been forgotten, design a lot of people like to use “perish” thunderbolt force drives turns into a knight, the modelling of the new knight is quite handsome, continued the symmetric design of decentralized armor, though just changed a helmet and weapons, but seems to be the official knights, more see more like it.Finally is based on a false face knight truly the most light design of light female soulas, soulas is one of the big four things in Celtic mythology, also known as unbeaten sword or the sword of light, use “yee ShanHuang jian shan” transformation, type set to unity of type double sword, separate two lightsabers, add up to is a gun, this weapon set is also very give prize,A lightsaber costume would kill everyone else.Personally, I like the soul swordsman, mainly the holy sword in the mode of bow and arrow is so handsome, I feel that an arrow can shoot a mountain, do not know which knight you like?

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