In order to “eliminate the loan record,” Heungjin xiaoli was cheated of more than 90,000 yuan

The other side will be able to report the id number claiming to be a loan company customer service said not to cancel the loan platform records will affect credit investigation you believe it or not?Does the real case loan record not eliminate affect credit investigation?Xiao Li (pseudonym) in Xingren city received a QQ friend request from a person claiming to be a jd platform employee.After Xiao Li added the QQ of the other party, the other party said that Xiao Li had a student network loan of 20,000 yuan on JINGdong app. If we do not deal with the credit investigation, it will be affected, and we will not be able to borrow money to buy a car or house in the future.At the same time, she sent xiaoli four pictures with her name, ID number, Alipay account and other personal information, which she believed to be true.The other party then asked Xiao Li to “repay her student loans” by borrowing money from, Alipay and other platforms, claiming to help xiao Li “eliminate” her borrowing bills on and Alipay.According to the requirements of the other party, Xiaoli withdrew all the borrowing amount from jingdong, Baibei and other platforms, and then transferred to the other party’s multiple accounts for multiple times. After the transfer, the other party asked her to wait for the notice.It was not until 11 am the next day that Xiao Li found out she had been cheated and lost a total of 93,676 yuan.Personal credit investigation is uniformly managed by the Credit Investigation Center of the People’s Bank of China, and no institution or individual has the right to delete or modify it.As long as the individual pays off the loan on time, the personal credit investigation will not be affected, and the loan limit will not affect the credit.Don’t take “customer service” at face value, even if they can accurately state your personal information.Those who claim to be able to cancel loan accounts, empty loan quotas and eliminate non-performing loan records are all frauds!Keep in mind the principle of “three not one more” : do not click on unknown links, do not trust strange calls, do not disclose personal information, transfer and remittance more verification.If you encounter a call from the national anti-fraud hotline “96110”, you may be suffering from telecom fraud, be sure to answer it immediately.It is recommended to download the “National Anti-fraud Center” APP to help identify fraudulent phone calls and illegal websites and protect your property security.

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