First SuperDBEE second Generation Coaxial Dual Unit OPPO Enco X2 delivers “studio sound quality”

Recently, OPPO held SuperDBEE’s second-generation coaxial dual-cell technology communication meeting in Beijing.The OPPO Enco X2, which will be released on February 24, will be the first to be equipped with this technology. The point source junction will be more precise and the three-frequency connection will be more natural, creating a real wireless headset sound ceiling, bringing consumers “studio sound quality”, just like carrying the sound quality of the master tape encapsulated in the recording studio to the ear.There is a saying in the earphone industry that “wireless earphones can only listen to a ring”. However, in OPPO’s view, through technological innovation, the inherent disadvantages of real wireless earphones compared with wired earphones can be made up.So that real wireless headphones can also have Hi-Fi sound quality.OPPO has been exploring the field of acoustics for 18 years and has accumulated many unique skills.For example, in the Blu-ray era, OPPO developed clock reconstruction technology to solve the shaking and distortion caused by high-speed signal transmission, and introduced noise reduction and ripple reduction design and pure analog bass enhancement circuit in the power supply and circuit, so as to achieve “palace sound quality performance”.In the headphone market, OPPO launched hi-Fi professional headphone PM-1, also through technological innovation, using spiral pattern planar aluminum conductor to improve the sensitivity of planar diaphragm to 102dB, reaching the highest level in the world.OPPO has 18 years of technical accumulation in the field of acoustics. Thanks to the profound technical background of OPPO acoustics, OPPO Enco X launched in 2020 has been deeply optimized based on consumers’ unique views on low, medium and high frequency headphones and human voice performance.With coaxial dual-unit design, DBEE3.0 sound system, Dynaudio tuning, etc., to bring “three-frequency balance” listening sense, won the industry and consumer recognition.On this basis, the OPPO Enco X2 true wireless noise cancelling headphones are upgraded in terms of speaker, wireless transmission and tuning, making wireless headphones truly comparable to wired headphones with Hi-Fi sound quality.Adhering to the same sound quality concept of “true restoration of original sound”, OPPO and the international famous high-end audio brand Dynaudio jointly developed, put the technology of millions of sound quality under the headset sound unit, breaking the technical barrier of sound quality.On the OPPO Enco X2, OPPO and Dynaudio jointly develop the industry-leading SuperDBEE second-generation coaxial dual unit, which aligns the 11mm full-frequency drive unit and the 6mm planar four-magnetic treble unit in the same direction, so that every sound and its harmonic part can be accurately combined, and the sound junction image experience is good and the positioning sense is strong.The music is natural and realistic.The 11mm full frequency drive unit adopts 0.0095mm rare flux-casting LIQUID crystal diaphragm, which is characterized by light weight, high rigidity and high speed of sound, making the vibration quality of OPPO Enco X2 drop 30% compared to the previous generation, reaching the industry leading level.In addition, OPPO also uses the industry leading ultrafine DCCA voice coil, wire diameter is only 0.033mm, about 1/3 of the hair, with it made of speaker vibration quality to the extreme, high sensitivity, high resolution, high frequency details.The adoption of strong magnetic neodymium magnet brings more powerful drive, which can output high sensitivity and accurately reproduce audio;The self-developed sound guide hole design can balance and control the air flow state under various applications. By adjusting the air load of the sound unit and matching the characteristics of the driving unit, the sound can be restored to pure nature and the output of various performances is stable.OPPO Enco X2 adopts 0.0095mm rare flow-extension LIQUID crystal diaphragm tweeter to continue the OPPO high-end earphone plane diaphragm family features. The plane polyester diaphragm can greatly broaden the frequency width, suppress the segmentation vibration, and make the tweeter more delicate and bright.The new custom Sandwich four-magnetic structure is used for the first time in the tweeter unit of true wireless headphones. It achieves high frequency ductility of 40kHz, with an 18% increase in conversion efficiency compared to traditional structures, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces magnetic leakage in limited space.Ultra-light ultra-CCA flat voice coil with 30um diameter reduces vibration quality to the extreme, showing details of high frequency.In addition to SuperDBEE’s second generation coaxial dual cell, OPPO Enco X2 adds SUPPORT for LHDC 4.0 HD audio codec, up to 900Kbps, 24bit/96kHz, in high bit rate mode.Stability is improved by 3 times, and hi-RES small gold standard certification, the maximum reduction of wireless transmission caused by sound loss.In terms of noise reduction, the OPPO Enco X2 has 45dB noise reduction depth, which is upgraded to 35dB compared to the previous generation. At the same time, the combination of highly sensitive microphone and the newly upgraded noise reduction algorithm can achieve 4000Hz ultra wideband human voice noise reduction, which is doubled compared to the previous generation.OPPO Enco X2 also supports golden sense of hearing. Through ear canal scanning and hearing compensation, you can intelligently build your own ear canal sound quality compensation model, so that everyone can hear pure original sound.In addition, bone conduction voice control, binaural recording and automatic switch between two devices, the experience is fully upgraded.OPPO Enco X2 supports LHDC 4.0 and is hi-RES attestation. At the SuperDBEE second generation coaxial dual-cell technology communication meeting, OPPO also revealed that OPPO Enco X2 will be tuned by the world music master for the first time, so that the extreme hardware and technology humanities fierce collision.Presenting a unique studio sound quality experience, bringing consumers hi-Fi level of music enjoyment.The OPPO Enco X2 real wireless noise cancelling headphones will be officially released on February 24. Who is the mysterious world-class music master?You might as well wait patiently for the opening of the press conference.

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