Announcement of Suzhou High-tech Zone on regional nucleic acid Testing

Announcement on Regional Nucleic acid Testing in Suzhou High-tech Zone Residents and friends of Suzhou: In order to further prevent and control COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of residents, we have decided to carry out regional nucleic acid testing. The announcement is hereby made as follows:Except residents who took nucleic acid tests on February 16;2. Those who have received COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours will not participate.Ii. Test time and place shall be from 18:00, February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) in principle, and the specific time and place shall be subject to the announcement of each board within the zone.1. Residents are requested to go to the nearest sampling site for nucleic acid sampling in an orderly manner at different times according to community arrangements to ensure that no one is left behind.In order to improve the sampling efficiency, please carry with you the original id card or foreign identity certificate (the residence booklet can be provided if you do not have ID card), prepare your sukang code in advance, wear a mask, keep a distance of more than one meter, avoid gathering and talking with each other, and obey the command of site staff.2. Nucleic acid test of sukang code yellow code personnel shall be conducted at the designated place.3. If residents miss work due to participating in regional nucleic acid testing, the employer will not treat them as absent from work.4. Please properly keep the certificate of participating in the regional nucleic acid test for verification.5. Those who refuse to cooperate or support nucleic acid testing, disrupt order, or conceal, falsely report or forge information will be severely investigated by the public security organs in accordance with the law.6. In order to carry out nucleic acid testing in a safer and orderly manner, please take your time and show mutual courtesy.Remind everyone to pay attention to the weather change, pay attention to wear warm and travel safety, and take good care of the elderly, children.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s work together to protect the safety of the high-tech Zone.Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, thank the majority of residents and friends of understanding and cooperation!Joint COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Suzhou High-tech Zone On February 16, 2022 Produced by Suzhou High-tech Zone Rong Media Center Source: Suzhou High-tech Zone Joint COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters Supervised by Yun Bin and Ding Rui Editor: Huang Xiaomi Editor: Ding Rui Forward let more people know!??????????

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