Angry?Green repeatedly apologized to Curry for not being quick enough to congratulate him.

On February 3, Beijing time, the All-Star game is about to open, and the Warriors are undoubtedly the biggest winner, because the western Conference All-Star game starting players have two Warriors players, respectively curry and Wiggins, the league’s only share of the glory of the team, and here, also happened a funny story.Why would Green apologize to Steph Curry?And has apologized several times, because Curry got a little angry when Green didn’t congratulate him for being a starter in the All-Star game?In fact, when Wiggins was named a starter in the All-Star Game, Green led the way in congratulating Wiggins, leading everyone to congratulate him, but ignoring curry’s inclusion in the all-star game until Andre Iguodala was the first to do so half an hour later.That made Green realize Curry might be angry, so Green said, “Wow, this is my fault, number 30. ‘I congratulated him and apologized.”Why is this so?Green said that curry’s selection was so common that green had no feelings for it, while Wiggins was a first and a surprise.Interestingly, after the Warriors’ win over the Timberwolves, Curry said in an interview, “After congratulating Wiggins on making the All-Star team, it was about 30 minutes before Green realized he hadn’t congratulated me on making me an All-Star starter.”Curry apparently made a joke of what happened.Obviously, Steph cared too, maybe steph was really angry, but it’s over now, green has apologized to Steph many times, if it’s still happening, then it’s steph’s fault.

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