Which MPV gets the best gas mileage?Baojun 730, C37, G50?

Which MPV gets the best gas mileage?Baojun 730, C37, G50?Hello, everybody. I’m so glad you finally got in.I would like to thank you for your comments and wish my dear family happiness and promotion without delay. Today, we will talk about these travel tools:As we know, MPV model size, good safety, not only has the advantages of small engine burden, quality grounding gas, and has a good driving feeling, which is “non-MPV” is difficult to match one of the outstanding advantages, and then by some car friends love, at the same time as a lot of rice people’s transport tools.Today, I will talk about the strength of the high strength of the high appearance level of the model from a new point of view for my dear friends, and see if there is a special favorite MPV!No1: Sales status of Baojun 730: As a popular model derived from SAIC-GGM Wuling, its sales performance has naturally been very impressive so far. In addition, Baojun 730’s final price is attractive, and it has won the trust and praise of many owners.It is reported that baojun 730’s recent monthly sales ranking is still a way forward.It was one of the brightest cars known overseas, and beat the “many, many” MPV class of tough competitors almost perfectly.Of course, Baojun 730 still has some criticism for the outside world, but the author still firmly believes that the market performance of Baojun 730 is always excellent.The main reason lies in baojun 730’s strong popularity is more trusted by consumers.And whether it is handling or interior decoration and other aspects are absolutely easy to beat the common market mainstream models.The author thinks the strength of Baojun 730 can be said to be very fierce, and the turnover performance of its next stage is bound to be exciting.The appearance modelling of Treasure jun 730 can move consumer especially, car paint is quite thin, and treasure jun 730’s waist line of very bright extends to car tail all the time from the front position, open 3 5 8 carry believe won’t lag behind.In addition, the head is fashionable and have imposing manner, have chic two section waist line to extend the caudal area of Treasure Jun 730 from A pillar, look go up strength feeling burst.And streamer overflow color LED ablaze headlamp is an organic whole, line and lamp act the role ofing are very practical, with before old treasure jun 730 formed remarkable contrast.Size: it is worth noting that baojun 730’s internal space is humanized and makes many friends feel very pleased. It is also excellent than other MPV models at the same price and the same level. In addition, baojun 730’s storage area design is also very practical and practical.Baojun 730 is 4780mm long, 1780mm wide and 1775mm high. This space will not feel particularly crowded even if the back row is filled with 3 normal size cats and dogs.This shows that baojun 730 is enough for home MPV, to be honest, even if baojun 730.1 million likes is not too much.On the other hand, the trunk opens at a wide Angle, so you can fit tablets, nail clippers, etc.The feeling to consumers is particularly practical, is definitely the kind of author jun likes.In terms of power, the maximum power of Baojun 730 is 147P, and the gearbox uses the market mainstream CVT stepless (analog 8 gear) system, so whether baojun 730 accelerates or starts, it can be said that it is very good.It is worth noting that baojun 730 cylinder block material used cast iron, can have the effect of reducing weight.At the same time, Baojun 730 not only has turbocharged assembly, but also has self-priming device. After many inquiries, Baojun 730 provided 1.5L and 1.5T.The owner said: PERSONALLY, baojun 730 can be the most imposing MPV in the camp of about 10W as a strong force of SAIC-GM-Wuling.First of all, baojun 730’s external design is very successful, looking like a real bird of prey.It gave me the funny feeling of being in my first love.In addition, Baojun 730 space is relatively popular, there are still a lot of remaining places to sit inside, and it is also very easy to open, it is the sales blessing of SAIC-GM-Wuling camp.Car friends review 2: Baojun 730 fuel consumption is very small, which is mainly due to baojun 730 technology accuracy improvement, so more and more consumers to meet the needs of transportation.For now, the daily commute scene is more, sometimes run the foreign national highway, more author makes you happy, look up such a large car, fuel consumption performance are excellent, the km value is 9 litres per km, comprehensive view, baojun 730 fuel economy belongs to the normal range, the absolute is one of the most handsome in the MPV.Therefore, the author is very happy, and the children can not help saying that Baojun 730 is worth praising.But if you drive in the desert frequently, the fuel consumption will be higher.And the company I worked for ended up reporting most of the business expenses, so now I don’t have to think too much about money while driving the Baojun 730.Although the run-in time is not particularly long, but I always believe that the next power system further integration, baojun 730 fuel consumption will have to decline.Industry word of mouth: I think the suspension is a little bit hard, although Baojun 730 run up a business MPV “catch the foot”, but in the complex road conditions, really worried that the whole car will be scattered, sometimes all the items on the car vibration out of position, if you are older, then you may feel more uncomfortable PP.Then there is a little bit not quite satisfactory is that when running at high speed, you can feel obvious tire noise, especially in the face of uneven and steep road is more obvious, in addition, when refueling faint feel a more obvious sense of frustration, looking for after-sales, but ultimately said that I do not know the problem.Some small brother also reflected some to be improved: 1. Just get home feel baojun 730 air conditioning exhaust is relatively prominent.No2 dongfeng XIAokang C37: Price range: 54,900 to 53,900 Appearance overview: Dongfeng XIAokang C37 is very tall, for the next is quite satisfactory.Super powerful before the face, and a generation of dongfeng well-off C37 difference is not much more special, like a tiger’s head, the first modest, look very able to bear or endure look, and the handle of the east wind well-off C37 appropriately adopted a lot of big size, big family features chrome decorative led headlamp unit particularly strong brightness, seems to be a strong luxurious feeling.And the side of the body is distinctive double waist line style, waist line design is very sleek, soft, while adhering to the dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 streamlined simple design style, like flowing water, further highlights the dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 dynamic.And dongfeng well-off C37 gloss processing is particularly good, appearance level top.The design of the tail box is particularly sweet, and the taillight is also smoked black style, so more and more little brother think dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 overall appearance style is very creative.My previous female ticket originally bought this Dongfeng well-off C37 is due to its handsome appearance.Car friend Li elder sister comment: I sometimes not enough money, so will go to 4S shop test car, now I feel cash DONGFENG WELL-OFF C37 noise reduction effect “thief” good, open very quiet, although dongfeng well-off C37 quality is so heavy, and so long, but the control is more beautiful.Appearance: MAXUS G50 is not arrogant, concise, the front grille especially fit the current trend, and the overall horizontal sense of both has been widened a lot!The chassis of the MAXUS G50 is also very silky, which is a bit of a luxury MPV.Waist line with dazzle cool body, more like a graceful young girl.Meanwhile, the current MAXUS G50 is sporty and low-key, with its sleek taillights and meticulous handling of details that make the whole car full of a heady sense of force.I mainly appreciate the locomotive style of MAXUS G50, because it gives me a fresh feeling and has a young and high-end visual effect.The interior of THE MAXUS G50 is one of the most outstanding features of the MAXUS G50. Sufficient materials are used, the assembly process is very powerful and the error is controllable. This is the general evaluation of the MAXUS G50.In addition, the leather steering wheel of the MAXUS G50 is very light and accurate adjustment ensures the safety of the whole car.In addition, saic chase MAXUS G50 back the softness of the special good, supportive and relic of rods, internal padding mostly soft produced by high quality material, to sit on feeling quite comfortable hips, I buy saic chase MAXUS G50 is mainly used to do the customer to meet the, customer bosses say sit inside te feel good.At the same time, the MAXUS G50 has not found any odor problems so far.And you can’t hear the noise in the car.So the author is very pleased.In terms of power, the instantaneous start of the MAXUS G50 is “aggressive”, as smooth as silk stockings milk tea, and there is no sense of stuttering during the acceleration process.As long as you step on the accelerator, the acceleration effect will come in a flash.In addition, the operation noise of the equipment under the whole acceleration process is not heard at all. In addition, because the original power is quite eye-catching, and the small series is mainly based on commuting, there is no need to improve the power details too much for the time being.The MAXUS G50 is a good car for both family and business. It can be said that it belongs to IKEA.The MAXUS G50 has a long nose, large headlights and no problem with brightness.It is worth noting that the net of MAXUS G50 is smoked black, inlaid with delicate chrome plated fabric, and there are exaggerated headlights on both sides, which look quite stylish and eye-catching. The wheel hub of MAXUS G50 is originally made by SAIC, and the size is relatively moderate, and the whole style is relatively down-to-earth.Just going for a walk feels very powerful.The side waist line is also very good, the front bumper is particularly cute, for the novel mouth, as if there is a kind of overbearing atmosphere.In addition, the sound insulation effect can be said to be the most powerful in the same level of MPV, I love the environment without noise.Of course, there are car signs and so on.In a word, the price of THE MAXUS G50 is “times” high after all, the top version of the MAXUS G50 is “even” less than 16W tickets have a transaction, since the MAXUS G50 we often go out to drive.Car Friends comment 2:I am the second generation of the rich, so I am very proud of it. I am usually embarrassed to drive a car, but since I bought THE MAXUS G50, I feel proud every time I go out with the elderly, children or business. I feel comfortable when I touch the steering wheel, and the sense of technology is cool.My kids out there often ask me what is the MAXUS G50?I told you the MAXUS G50 was your dad’s ride out the door.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business impatient, want to have a good rest when driving, this car can be said to fully meet my driving needs and original intention.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I to saic chase MAXUS G50 evaluation is very satisfied, of course not only performance is good, and also especially good comfort, I grew up like a car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a belongs to own saic chase MAXUS G50, ride comfort, open also taste wonderful, especially with the boss level of enjoyment,And its fuel consumption is not high, can be said to meet my car needs.The MAXUS G50 runs like an electric car, and controls well. The main advantage of the MAXUS G50 is control, especially in high-speed corners, you can obviously feel the advantages of driving after driving.Comment on the three MPV models listed this time, dongfeng Xiaokang C37 and Baojun 730 are the models with the lowest price, and the highest price is SAIC MAXUS G50. In addition, generally speaking, the prices of models from different levels are not consistent, for example, the lowest transaction price of Baojun 730 is 6.58W RMB.Dongfeng XIAokang C37 and SAIC MAXUS G50 are as high as 4.89W, 10.48W, do not know the above introduction of these MPV is important?Finally, XIAobian sincerely wishes all of you a prosperous and healthy family.If you like this article, don’t forget to click three times.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Wangwang review car

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