What is the meaning of the custom of sending red envelopes during Spring Festival?

Today is the first day of the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year.During the Spring Festival, many people will pay New Year’s greetings to each other, and the elders will give red envelopes to the younger generation. So, what is the significance of these two traditions and what is particular about them?Handing out red envelopes during the Lunar New Year is a traditional custom for Chinese people to celebrate the lunar New Year. The Chinese love the color red because it symbolizes energy, happiness and good luck.During the Spring Festival, people pay New Year’s greetings to each other, when the elders will give bonus bags to children.Traditionally, red envelopes, also known as lucky money, are money wrapped in red paper given to children by their elders during the Lunar New Year and given to unmarried relatives and friends by the married.So far, the custom of elders giving New Year’s money to the younger generation is still popular, representing the elders’ good wishes to the younger generation.In addition, there is a veritable “Lucky money”, which is given to the elderly by the younger generation in the hope that they will live a long life.Traditional New Year greeting gestures for men and women are different, the standard male bowing posture is the right hand into a fist, the left hand wrapped.Because the right hand is the attacker, it should be wrapped in good faith.The opposite is true for women, who press their hands instead of fists.This is consistent with the ancient Chinese tradition of “male left and female right”.If you make the wrong gesture, it makes a big difference.And the younger generation to the elders, in addition to the hand movements, but also bow to show respect to the elders.Visit time is generally from the first day to the fifth day, after the eighth day of the twelfth month to visit friends and relatives is regarded as worship early years, and after the fifth day of the first month, before the 15th day to visit friends and relatives for worship old age.This is the time when the New Year begins and everyone congratulates each other.

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