What is occupational skill appraisal subsidy?

What is the occupational skill certification subsidy?Mp302:19 From Yongzhou Radio, focusing on people’s livelihood and employment. Welcome to “Through Train” jointly broadcast by Yongzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Yongzhou News Comprehensive Radio. Hello, everyone, I’m Weilan.I believe many friends have heard of vocational skills certification subsidies?Do you know what the vocational skill certification subsidy is?Vocational skill appraisal subsidy refers to the subsidy for the personnel who hold the “re-employment preference card” to apply for skill appraisal for the first time.Distributed objects include five types: one is through the first professional skill appraisal and obtain the professional qualification certificate (or vocational certificate of registration, special professional ability certificate) of the children of poor families, graduation year college graduates, the high school graduates not continue studies the urban and rural areas, rural laborer transfer employment, registered urban unemployed.The specific subsidy standards shall be determined by provincial people’s and social security departments and financial departments.For those included in the guiding catalogue of vocational qualification and vocational skill rating assessment of key industries, the subsidy standards may be appropriately raised.To apply for vocational skill subsidy, the applicant shall provide the original or copy of the basic identification certificate, the tax invoice issued by the vocational skill appraisal institution (or the administrative institutional charging bill) and other materials.After the qualified applicants provide the materials to the local social security department, the human resources and social security department will review, and the subsidy funds will be paid to the applicant’s social security card bank account after passing the review.

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