Skyward area: hold the “double reduction” and “five management” work promotion meeting

In order to vigorously promote the implementation of “double reduction” and “five management” in our district and comprehensively improve the quality of education, the Bureau of Education science and Technology of Chaotian District held a promotion meeting of “double reduction” and “five management” on February 22.Meeting, sichuan normal university teachers’ education and psychology professor in the school of the first batch of countries culture, former dean, the Ministry of Education project experts contributing supervisor, chengdu city, sichuan province department of education the government superintendent swim detailed interpretation of the eternal “about to further reduce the compulsory education stage student’s opinions on homework burden and off-campus training file spirit,This paper deeply analyzes the reasons for implementing and promoting the work of “double reduction”, and gives professional training on the countermeasures and ideas to solve the problems.”Only by understanding the deep-seated education problems behind the ‘double cuts’ can we truly promote education reform through the’ double cuts’, rather than simply ‘cutting all of them’.”He pointed out that the first is to gradually transition to “small class” teaching.There are many problems in “large class” teaching, such as difficult teaching management, little interaction between teachers and students, lack of intimacy between teachers and students, and difficult to teach students according to their students’ abilities. “Small class” teaching can realize fine teaching.The second is to make up lessons for students who need help.Students’ academic performance should be improved through making up lessons, rather than passing problems on to parents and social cram schools.It is an extremely important educational idea to bring students the experience of learning success. It is a test of teachers’ educational wisdom to bring underachiever students the experience of learning success. Students should get help from teachers when they encounter difficulties in learning.Third, we should popularize senior high school education as soon as possible.The whole basic education is for the development of students and the improvement of the quality of the whole people, so that education returns to the function of “educating people” and plays down the function of “selection”.Fourth, create deep learning classes.We should cultivate students’ active learning motivation, use rich course resources for teaching, stimulate students’ thinking in various forms, train students’ critical thinking, and take experimental teaching as an indispensable part of the classroom.Fifth, attach great importance to the professional growth of teachers.Teachers should be trained into experts in teaching and education from the aspects of professional ethics, professional knowledge and professional ability.At the meeting, Ma Quanfu, deputy director of the bureau, made arrangements for the 2022 “double reduction” and “five management” work.He pointed out, should grasp the basic level foundation, tamp teaching and research routine work;To improve the quality and efficiency of after-school services;Pilot demonstration, with samples and typical innovation to promote;Seize the opportunity to borrow, learn from advanced experience;Grasp the extension, focus on the early high quality development;Grasp the ground to fall fine, unswervingly implement the existing system;Grasping research and development, further improve the evaluation mechanism of education system;We should make joint efforts to normalize the management of off-campus training institutions.QuanFu ma also around “six attaches great importance to” (the theory of learning, students’ physical and mental development, teachers’ burden, experimental teaching, education research, open his full courses) and “five spare no effort to” (scratching team construction, grasp the classroom teaching, the teachers and students read books and grasp social cooperative education, regular, 1 has laid claim to the school (garden) long and hope.At the meeting, Director Wang Faquan conveyed the main spirit and work requirements of “double reduction” training class of provincial county and district education directors.And around the implementation of “double reduction” and “five management”, boost the high quality development of all kinds of education in our district emphasized three points.First, we need to deepen our understanding.We should deeply realize that “double reduction” is the implementation of the Party’s education policy, the return of the concept of education development, the remodeling of education ecology, and the innovation of education governance.Second, quality should be further improved.We should adhere to the principle of knowledge as the basis, ability as the priority, quality oriented, consolidate and enhance innovation and breakthrough, adapt measures to local conditions, one school for one policy, reflect characteristics, and further improve the level of classroom teaching, homework design and after-school service.Third, the mechanism will be improved.It is necessary to deal with the relationship between classroom teaching and delayed service, morning and evening self-study and delayed service, teacher post setting and delayed service, performance evaluation and teacher professional growth, and establish and improve the relevant long-term mechanism.At the meeting, Tiantian Primary School, Neutron Experimental School, Zhijiang Middle School and Yangmu Primary School exchanged experiences on school-based implementation strategy of after-school delay service, home-school collaborative education under the background of “double reduction”, exploration of teacher evaluation reform under the background of “double reduction”, and reduction and improvement of students’ homework management.The meeting also held a school (park) director education New Deal theory test.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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