Self-drive Xiaopeng P7 to start the six-hour journey home

Let me see which one of those little wretches is still at work near the end of the year?Of course not. I took all my annual leave this year, starting the Spring Festival holiday a week early.Such a long holiday, of course, can not waste, I was ready to go home early, driving home with the new Small Peng P7, and now have to eat hot dumplings cooked by my mother!Worried about traffic jam during the Spring Festival travel rush, I did not dare to delay a day after the holiday and set out early.Unexpectedly, out of the city to turn on the highway, did not walk long, the road was blocked.However, do not worry too much, Xiaopeng P7 has ACC adaptive cruise system, open the system, the car can do intelligent acceleration and deceleration, and in the case of maintaining a safe distance, follow the car in front, my feet do not hurriedly switch between the throttle brake, completely released.After a fork in the road, the road ahead is much wider, so I take this opportunity to get a taste of the NGP’s capabilities.Open the NGP, set a good destination, the system will take over the including intelligent auxiliary overtaking lane, intelligent auxiliary speed adjustment and optimal selection, smart, intelligent auxiliary and auxiliary switch freeway on-ramp, intelligent auxiliary lane changing emergency avoidance and so on, almost all high speed operation, let me direct leisurely served as “shopkeeper” of cutting, in addition to this,NGP can also adapt to the domestic traffic scene, with high-end actions such as traffic cone changing lanes, ramps and oversized trucks.Have to sigh: amazing!Small P company, have a nice trip under the help of the NGP, I almost don’t have to worry about too much, but for a long time in a closed car let me some headaches, then call out “a little P opened the window,” to move a pleasant draught cooled is awake, but it’s really a bit cold, he commanded “small P, 50% off the window”, see Windows half shuts.It has to be said that little P has excellent semantic understanding ability. He can not only listen continuously without waking up and have continuous dialogue with the car owner, but also effectively filter instructions that are not spoken to little P. Meanwhile, he can interrupt at any time.It is worth mentioning that the small P’s two-tone area speech recognition is also quite good, let it open the co-pilot’s air conditioning, it will not affect the main driving, practical pull full.From the bottom of my heart, with the full score of happiness on the journey back home assisted by Xiaopeng P7, THE NGP function can make the six-hour long drive more relaxed and relieve fatigue, while the company of xiaopeng MAKES the long journey more pleasant.Originally, the first time to drive home, there is a little worry, but the fact that worry is redundant, when visiting relatives I also want to open a small peng P7, round and round a lively year!

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