Moscow State Normal University application conditions analysis

Application requirements: 1. Graduates of Pugao University with higher Education Diploma (12 years).Detailed graduation certificates: regular senior high school graduation certificate, certificate of Examination transcript.2. Bachelor degree holder with 4 years of undergraduate study.Diploma in higher vocational education.Detailed graduation certificates: university diploma, university degree certificate, detailed transcripts of four years of university.Students are not allowed to apply for a preparatory course in language expression.Only detailed graduation certificate ability can apply for to deal with read prep course, ordinary high school or it is university undergraduate course in school unripe not ok normal enter read prep department.Because students need to be given diploma double certification immediately after entering the school.Note: Transcript preparation in advance: Senior high school (there are provinces and regions of the EXAMINATION, detailed subjects of the examination) : the transcript of the examination will be given, and all subjects will be qualified.Ordinary senior high school (provincial examination, examination subjects are not detailed) : to give the examination report card, all subjects are qualified.Detailed transcripts are given for three years of high school and six academic years.Regular senior high school (provinces and regions without THE HkCEE) : detailed transcripts for 6 academic years of senior high school will be given, and all subjects will be qualified.Undergraduate: required transcripts with class hours, grade points and grades.All subjects are required to pass.Fee for reference training (2021-2022) : 287,500 rubles/year (approx. 24,000 YUAN) Hotel accommodation: $1,400 / year (approx. 8900 yuan) Commercial Insurance: $300 / year (approx. 1900 yuan) For more information

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