Inter milan VS Liverpool, champions League quarter-final, the Reds are favourites

This morning’s two Champions League quarter-finals, both played straight;Two games in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, could it still be on the right track?Let’s take a look at one of them.Inter milan VS LiverpoolInter have suffered a serious drop in form, with only two wins, four defeats and one defeat in seven matches since mid-January.Enter since February, the nerazzurri to the rhythm of the 3 day 1 battle has complete clash with AC milan, Rome, Naples, especially in the game against napoli, most of the players have been exhausted, the disadvantage is that high way Barry in previous competition against real Madrid red, suspension was appended, two round match against Liverpool, he can’t play.The importance of Niccolo barina in the inter midfield is well known.In addition, the main defender Alessandro suffered an ankle injury in the coppa Italia, inter’s defensive ability will certainly be greatly affected.The reds are strong, with no injuries, all the players available to Jurgen Klopp and the size of Liverpool’s squad to beat the nerazzurri, and are far better prepared than inter.Liverpool have won all of their last six games and are in good spirits. Now that the African Cup of Nations is over, salah salah is back in good form.Bookmakers have drawn Liverpool to level the half, and late Liverpool let the ball rise to the half, Liverpool’s victory is still a good bet.Inter milan v Liverpool – 2.10

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