All-star hits three records!Lebron James could surpass James Harden as the three-point champion, five all-time no. 1 holders

On February 19, Beijing time, the NBA All-Star weekend is coming, the 37-year-old James will hit three all-time records in the All-Star game, is expected to surpass Harden to rise to the first in history, all-star MVP is expected to tie with Kobe Bryant for the first in history, in addition to James will refresh his own five all-time first record.So far, James has made 38 3-pointers in an All-Star game, second most ever, and just two behind James Harden (39).With James Harden missing this year’s All-Star game due to injury, James is a favorite to become the all-time all-star three-point leader, averaging 2.8 3s per game this season.Curry, who has made 31 3-pointers in the All-Star game, is a contender for the title.If James passes Harden as the all-star three-point champion, it will be his sixth all-time all-star record.James leads all time in all-star game minutes (471), points (389), field goals (161), field attempts (301) and three-point attempts (119), according to statistics.James ranks eighth in all-star rebounds all-time (103), and six rebounds this year would move him up to sixth all-time. James is averaging 7.9 rebounds per game this season.James also ranks third on the all-time all-star assists list (98), behind Only Chris Paul (128) and Magic (127).James, who has won the All-Star Game MVP three times, will tie Kobe Bryant and Andy Pettitt for the all-time lead if he wins again.This year, James is much stronger than durant, starting five tigers are James, curry, derozan, giannis antetokounmpo and jokic, 4MVP luxury starting, almost crushing durant.James has been an All-Star for 18 consecutive years, tying Kobe Bryant for the NBA record.This year, James topped the 9 million vote mark, making him the no. 1 vote-getters, tying Michael Jordan for the most all-star votes for the ninth time.

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