Year of the Tiger Spring Festival does not have a holiday, QUQU beheaded the first five killed, big pineapple, violent bear for a sister tiger teeth

For all the audience like to watch the game live, with the advent of the year of the tiger lunar New Year holiday, most Internet users will use this holiday season, not only completely relax their body and mind, have a good rest, even the most popular anchor, will also take the time to take a vacation, can let oneself more full state of mind, after the New Year bring you more wonderful live content.However, in order to make everyone enjoy the live broadcast during the Spring Festival holiday, several top streamers of CSGO of Huya specially arranged a week-long welfare broadcasting activity.Ququ, as the CSGO brother of Tiger teeth, opened the live broadcast on the first day of the New Year, and carried out the first happy water competition in the Year of tiger. Just when we think that bird’s Nest boy will release water in this water competition in order to take care of everyone, Ququ is in the purgatory town map, using the special terrain of Banana Road, directly transformed into Blblo god.Scored the first 5 kills of the Year of the Tiger in SAVE.Ququ’s personal awareness and big picture view, as well as the choice of terrain and the use of flash grenades, in this wave of confrontation, are textbook operations!After Ququ gave the audience a wave of personal shooting show, the gun white and beautiful CSGO big pineapple, and in the live broadcast on February 3, wearing red cheongsam full of festive atmosphere, gave us a wave of unique beauty wearing show, let the audience in the studio feast their eyes.Of course, after the welfare officer big pineapple has given you their own New Year’s welfare, known as “E-sports Liu Yifei” violent bear, will also be in February 5 live, avatar CSGO New Year’s welfare officer, let you see the beauty of wearing hi silk charm.In fact, there are many viewers who like watching CSGO live very much. Since Violent Bear joined Hufang and Big Pineapple to form a competition relationship, they have been discussing who can stand out in the competitive CSGO board and become a veritable hufang CSGO first sister!With his popularity accumulated over the past few years, The bear has surpassed the big Pineapple in terms of peak popularity.So do you think that if violent Bear can bring you more wonderful welfare wearing show in the huya CSGO New Year’s welfare event, it is possible to take this opportunity to ascend to the throne of the first sister of Huya CSGO?

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