“Tsing Tin Chung Bu Zhao Chong Village” Group 1

The mountains came into view, and the sun rose in the sky.Outside the village in the spring scenery, looking for fairy holding rod ridge slope.Outside: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhaozhuang outside the riverside/Linhaishan village outside the stream xun, bursts of wind dance bamboo forest.Ridge cattle spring scene, courageously hoofs until the sun west sink.Outside: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhaozhuang outside the bank/Lin Hai Morning sun xia dye a cattle, stream water murmuring birds chirp.On the countryside outside, ordinary people are suspected to be painting a middle stream.Outside bank: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhaozhuang jianshan Paradise shed text/Lin Hai Paradise shed like heaven, looking for mountain god here hide.A village girl to lead the way, faint fairy dance neon clothes.Paradise shed: Qingtian Zhenbu Peak Mountain paradise Shed article/Lin Hai A bird in paradise shed, holding a stick climbing an old man.Meet the village girl busy asking the way, blushing to point to the rosy glow.Paradise shed: Qingtian Zhenbu Peak, Xiangxi Keng/Lin Hai Drizzle as silk fog hidden mountain, Xiangxi Keng water ripples.Wind or raincoat, I climb the fairy.Xiangxikeng: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhaozhuang, because there is a small pit to the west and the flow of the local called Xiangxikeng, 2009 overall relocation, now no inhabitant.Beside the river pit wen/Lin Hai drizzle like silk green bamboo horizontal, gurgling water beside the river pit.Hazy fairyland people crazy stand, I let the mountain wind stroke face light.Alongside the river pit: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang, so the geographical narrow village is mostly by the pit side and built named.It was relocated in 2010 and is now uninhabited.The sea breeze blows the fragrance of flowers.At the end of Lao.Holding the stick climbing body tired, unparalleled scenery.What if the stream is swift and my clothes are wet?Here the gods accompany and laugh at the king.Diliao Gang: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang, because the village is located in the local mountain ridge bottom gangtou named.Li belongs to Zhaozhuang Village.It is now uninhabited.The drizzle is like a silk mist around the top of the mountain, splashing clear spring on the bingyuan Ridge.Hazy scenery penglai dream, here I guess there must be fairy.Bingyuan: Zhaozhuang village, Zhenbu of Qingtian, was originally called Bingyuan because the village was located at the conjuncture of two local kengyuan. Later, it was renamed the present name after dialect homophony.It was relocated in 2007 and is now uninhabited.Cloudy pit/Lin Hai Drizzle continuous birds and birds jiao, cloudy pit water rising spring tide.Shangaolin dense people without trace, suspected penglai dream invitation.Dark cloud pit: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhaozhuang, because the village is located in the local lack of sunlight pit valley named.Li is zhao Zhuang village, now uninhabited.Clusters of peaks into the bi xiao, mountain villages sunset birds home.Huan pour how much fragrance wine, drunk dream to hang tip.General Assembly: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang general Assembly/Linhai General Assembly slope between the world escape, the wind blowing bamboo shadow dance green robe.If you want to know how many crazy words, the birds laughed at me.General Assembly: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang general Assembly article/Lin Hai climbing the general assembly with a stick slope, the wind blowing bamboo shadow bird warbler.Hillside hand yunxia pick, this is mortal smile what?General assembly: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang empty belly tree text/Lin Hai fishing table below a few people, birds before the court dance sunset.Poem wild empty belly tree, the scenery against the fence.Empty belly tree: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang empty belly tree text/Lin Hai fishing tai mountain bamboo branch horizontal, accompanied by the sound of birds.Stop empty belly tree village, the United States drunk my love.Empty belly tree: Qingtian Zhenbu Zhao Zhuang empty belly tree text/Linhai mountains rosy dyed beauty such as screen, birds to listen carefully.People drunk village empty belly tree, return is already all over the sky stars.Empty Belly Tree: Zhenbu Zhaozhuang, Qingtian [Photo][Photo]

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