Tajik President Emomali Rahmon: Happy to see Beijing become the first Olympic city

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon:Glad to become the first “double the city of Beijing in dushanbe, the capital, tajik President emomali rakhmon 2 joint written Chinese media interview said, very happy that Beijing will become the world’s first held summer games and Olympic winter” double the city “, it reveals the strong strength of the Chinese and the Chinese people proud achievements.Rahmon said the Beijing Winter Olympics will be one of the most entertaining winter sports events in recent years, attracting the participation and attention of all countries.In terms of sports facilities, daily conditions and security, China is well prepared for this great sporting event.”When I think of my visit to Beijing in 2008 for the opening ceremony of the 29th Summer Olympic Games and the atmosphere of national celebration that filled the city, my heart always surges,” rahmon said.It left an indelible impression on me.”Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jiye (Xinhua/Nursultan February 3)

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