Spend the Lantern Festival together!”Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” were parachuted into Luohe

Dahe Daily video reporter liu Guangchao correspondent Kong Ketao Qi Jialiang Zuo Haiyan as the official communication service partner of The Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics trust the power of unicom.On February 14, a pair of festive top flow “ice dun dun” “snow Rong Rong” from China Unicom group to luohe to luohe city people spend the Lantern Festival.From now on, luohe citizens can not only go to the city unicom Renmin Road business Hall, Taihang Mountain Road business Hall, and take a photo with the “first network red” Bing Dudun Dun, Xue Rongrong clock-in, forwarding circle of friends of the citizens also have the opportunity to get the Winter Olympics gifts.It is understood that the top flow “Bing Dun Dun” “Snow Rong Rong” February 15 to February 17 to visit the People’s Road business hall (renmin Road and culture road intersection), February 18 to February 20 will move to the Taihang Mountain road business hall (haihe road and Taihang Mountain road intersection) scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code can make an appointment to buy bing Dun dun, there are more winter Olympics souvenirs reservation purchase.

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