Runners had better read a lot, too

This week, I basically resumed running and reading. I ran 4 times a week and ran 52 kilometers a week.Borrow books and magazines 2 each, spare time quiet down to read.Today, I continue to jog along the Zhanggong Dike. The long-lost sun is smiling, and there are more runners on the dike.Will be spring, the future can be.Running makes the body and mind healthy and happy, while reading makes the soul interesting and rich.With those two things together, life’s long journey is worth living.Such is Murakami’s life, running 10km every morning, reading and writing every day, such a life is enviable.Runners, can try to add reading, or run thousands of miles, the past postman can also achieve.People who read books can also try to run. Otherwise, Kong Yiji under lu Xun’s pen and Fan Jin, a scholar of foreign history, are sour and corrupt scholars who read books, and hundreds of useless scholars are also very sad.The chicken soup about reading is worth tasting.Reading is the best and most practical way to get out of your confusion.Because the more you read, the more you know what you want to be.Study more, read more, keep enriching yourself, this is your best way to the world.

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