Protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural migrant workers and let them get “pay” for the Spring Festival

New Yuan Jiang client On January 30 (correspondent Chen Yuxu Yanping) November 24, 2021, Yuanjiang City labor supervision bureau received 17 people such as Zeng Qingming complaints, said in the ‘Yongzhou fourth engineering Co., LTD.’ during the work was more than 1.1 million yuan in arrears in migrant workers wages.After receiving the complaint, the Yuanjiang City Labor Supervision Bureau attached great importance to it, immediately investigated and verified, and quickly organized the mediation. On January 28, 2022, the successful mediation of the case of wage arrears of migrant workers, and issued a total of 1,135,000 yuan of unpaid wages to migrant workers.It is reported that the yuanjiang city root cure arrears migrant workers wages work leading group set up a special class before the Spring Festival, in the city labor supervision bureau to carry out centralized reception, centralized, timely, efficient disposal of complaint cases, for migrant workers pay, ensure migrant workers get paid, spend a happy, peaceful Spring Festival.Edited by Chen Yu, Xu Yanping: New media editor source: Yuanjiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security

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