On its first day online, the number of views exceeded 10 million, and the popularity of the whole network was the first. Is this Domestic drama going to be popular?

Do not know when to start, the screen blew a “northeast comedy wind” upsurge, such as “Country love”, “I Love my Family”, “Northeast family” and other comedy containing thick northeast characteristics is endless, staged one after another.Dialect full of northeast and Peking University dregs and stories about family affairs and chicken feathers have also occupied a place in Domestic dramas, setting off a wave of movie-watching.However, in recent years, there are few family ethics films full of northeast comedy characteristics in the Domestic market, and there has not been a popular comedy work focusing on family life for a long time.But as the Spring Festival season nears its end, the online platform has released a new family drama, Holiday Warmth 2, with strong northeastern comedy features.The number of views of the film exceeded tens of millions on the first day, and the second day after it was released, it became the most popular film on the whole network, with nearly 100 million views in three days.The hot topics on social networks are endless, such as “Cheng Miao has captured the temperament of northeast China” and “Kong Lingqi’s version of Romeo is so funny”. The total number of views on the topic has exceeded 100 million, showing a trend of “breaking the circle”.In terms of word of mouth, although douban has not yet opened its ratings, netizens who have watched the show have also given good reviews.For example, one person said: “Although it is a new cast, a new story, bringing different people from different regions together, the setting and cast are very good, it is a great joy to watch the show.Some netizens also expressed that it was very beautiful, not only the fireworks of ordinary cheng people’s happy life, but also the display of snow and ice sports in northeast China, with strong romance and sports unique to the Northeast people.More net friend said, the show is not only fast in recent years into the drama can say whether from audience, and word of mouth, the play has become a recent small hot style, especially as a northeast comedy can make such progress, more precious, then, we combined with the plot, to specific analysis, the domestic can show why so HaoHeng.First look at the cast of this play, there are many familiar faces of the audience “national daughter-in-law” Liu Tao partner variety frequent Chen He, two people in the play as a pair of happy enemy Cheng Man and Kong Lingqi.Ni Dahong plays the role of the old man in the northeast cheng Sanmin, and the former CCTV host ni Ping plays the role of mother Ma Chunmei.This time in the “Holiday warm 2”, Ni Dahong with Ni Ping interpretation of the new era of northeast couples get along, but also let the play full of topics and hotspot.Especially in real life, Ni Dahong’s wife is Ni Ping’s sister, the brother-in-law in reality became the husband of the play, two people will be how to act between the northeast husband and wife laugh and scold also become a big hotspot.In addition, there are Yang L, Zhang Jiani, Cheng Xiao, Jiang Chao, Zhang Tianyang, Man Jiang and other talented actors to join, escort him.As the title suggests, the film tells the story of the northeast Cheng family, during the Spring Festival holiday, because of work, career, love and many other aspects of the story.Cheng Man (Liu Tao), the eldest daughter of the Cheng family, is an executive of a Venture capital company in Shanghai. She is the most promising person in the Cheng family. Although she is very successful in her career, she has a failed marriage and lives independently with her daughter Tian Shuang.Before having a holiday, because of a pair of more than the company’s evaluation report leaks, be more than the company’s co-founder Kong Lingqi (Chen He is acted the role of) place dissatisfaction, to let more than the company completes financing, he decides to meet female strong person Liu Tao, followed Liu Tao to return northeast all the way so.Cheng Shu (Zhang Jiani) is the youngest daughter of the Cheng family. She is a rebellious girl with no life plan. She wants to be an actress at first, but she becomes a “drifter”.At Cheng Shu the hardest time, Liao Ran (Yang 玏) appeared, he not only for Cheng Shu paid off workers’ wages in arrears, and become partners, motivational establish a home stay facility as an Asia’s top 50, under the ideas of Liao Ran, dorigo also finally ushered in the guest, didn’t expect, however, the first guest was Cheng Shu former boyfriend.Cheng Miao (Cheng Xiao) as a process of small generation, from parents, treating it as a skater, entered the provincial key moment, she chose to take the initiative to error, while the mother Hu Mei misunderstanding father cheng Qiao with Cui Xue feelings dark born, in order to let the parents and good, Cheng Miao home, which led to a series of stories.From the plot point of view, “Warm Holiday 2” in addition to the career problems and family relations of the main line, but also interspersed with the northeast people’s way of getting along, northeast couples’ daily life these interesting side lines, increased the light comedy and suspense effect.Alone with the above points, enough to cause a certain topic heat.First of all, it is full of comedy plot “Warm Holiday 2” as a comedy, first of all, it must work hard in the “happy” aspect, and this is an important factor for the success of the film.Variety, for example, a regular Chen He became the smile to bear fruit, in the play, Chen He played a hole to jiaqi, is repeatedly battle for the bombers, often hurt often war, he was more than good is not easy to get the financing, but because of a tendril evaluation report, the end of the failing company, in order to pick up the slack, hole for jiaqi with yellow hair to find cheng tendril northeast.Just off the plane and hole annoys jiaqi is for less than a car, a black car found them, the final hole for jiaqi at 50 yuan higher than the market price on success, in the car, the northeast driver fully shows the northeast people’s enthusiasm, constantly with hole for jiaqi two people chat, or give them put music, after get no answer, the eldest brother open throat directly,A free song for both of them.Later in the chat, hole to jiaqi is to show off his horizon, ski to the driver said that he often go to abroad, participated in the rally, F1 bike rental fees can match for half a year’s salary, you in the hole for jiaqi proudly show off when the yellow hair found next to the driver on the wrong road, but the driver said, snow road, this is the path, and constantly look back to the two people.Hole that jiaqi find each other is not good, but the phone no signal, and the driver’s gaze, he came up with the move of the back to the airport, I didn’t think the driver suddenly to park your car in the wild, this hole to jiaqi think meets the gunman, hole for jiaqi eyes closed in the back seat with yellow hair two people Shouting, don’t move, we have two people, this scene makes you laugh to death.The original driver parking is convenient to get off, and finally the driver took the people to a home stay facility, two and the door is a guy with the big fellow, this let bad hole for jiaqi and watched kill chicken blood, no one around to see, hole for jiaqi talk stammer, the next moment, however, the big fellow can take two people to dinner, once the lens turn, the ensemble singing errenzhuan, original,They wanted to build a ski resort here, and the driver saw that Kong lingqi should be rich, so he pulled them here to invest.In wine hole for jiaqi also play his ability, the drink is not only a promise to investment, and suggested to take them to yabuli village head in the day, want to live here for two days, and finally gave the own rolex to the village chief, this paragraph can be said to be the TV version of the people in town, Chen He variety also not white, here has played a very good effect.In addition to this plot, Chen He once again staged in the “Iapartment” in the famous scene, this time he wore the northeast flower cotton-padded jacket singing errenzhuan, but also fantasy wall Dong Liu Tao, finally walked his errenzhuan version of Romeo was blinding everyone’s eyes.Of course, in addition to Chen He, there is Jiang Chao, jiang Chao plays the role of Cheng’s parents in the drama, because Cui Xue and his daughter-in-law Hu Mei have a quarrel, every time Hu Mei took something to hit, Jiang Chao said, this thing is expensive, thousands of it, will hold the daughter-in-law to death.In addition, Ni Dahong with Ni Ping’s bickering is also very cola, Ni Dahong said before a second, can not mention divorce, mention your mother will drink medicine, the next second Ni Ping said, I drink medicine for you, you don’t smirk, northeast couples daily let two people show incisively and vividly.Second, the plot draws the eye and focuses on the current hot topics. At the beginning of the play, cheng Sanmin’s family has thrown out many current hot topics.Cheng tendril although successful, but the daughter Tian Shuang isn’t very friendly, especially at this critical moment among, cheng tendril when chatting with colleagues, one of my regret to have children so early, let daughter Tian Shuang hit, even if a year later, but every time, will be very sad in tian comfort, eventually ran away from home, make a decision,Exactly how to balance the relationship between career and family sprang from the paper.Cheng Shu then the younger daughter, she has been in the pursuit of the life that you want to, but the reality is very cruel, her career almost ended in failure, even now do a home stay facility in bankruptcy stage, in order to achieve the original daughter dream, mother asked relationship, but now Cheng Shu wages not only send out, but also is rely on parents,This makes her become the mother’s eyes of the drag bottle, the most unworthy person, so the success of the career is really a measure of success?As for Cheng Miao, his situation is even more awkward. He was arranged by his parents to learn skating since childhood and dreamed of joining the national team to win honor for his family. However, as he grows older, he finds that the life arranged by his parents is not what he wants to escape, so he makes a deliberate mistake.However, when she returned home, seeing her parents sacrifice face for her future, she began to reflect on whether she had made a mistake. However, her parents did not trust Cheng Miao and arranged someone to watch him all the time. Even though he was about to graduate from college, cheng Miao still treated him as a child, which made cheng Miao very uncomfortable.Whether parents should let go of their children when they grow up and whether children should obey their parents is also a hot topic at present. It can be seen from the process that the best way for children and parents to get along is to let go of each other.The play another characteristic is rhythm very quickly, although the film revolves around three groups of people, but lines quickly, rhythm is also very fresh, the first set is for process tendril daughter Tian Shuang tampering, raises the northeast hometown Cheng Shu do a home stay facility, but also directly ordered the Cheng Shu situation, through the conversation and has drawn out the ski Cheng Miao, and narrates the Cheng Miao family situation,It can be said that three stories are told in one episode. Such a fast pace can not help but make the audience like it.Currently tendril eight sets, the play has been updated processes with hole for jiaqi also meet success, but in the hole for jiaqi is proud to announce to retake tendril, cheng he was cheng tendril blocked, the next hole for jiaqi with cheng tendril how to become a new hotspot, wit and Liao Ran with cheng show Cheng Shu love three people, but at this point Cheng Shu’s former boyfriend is still in the home stay facility, three people will go,But Cheng Miao has touched a new field, how will she make a choice?All in all, with the advance of the plot, “Warm Holiday 2” more and more hotspot, also more and more attractive, coupled with the continuous reversal of the plot, layer upon layer Xu Nian, so that the story on the basis of maintaining the core unchanged, finally presented to the audience a distinctive Northeast China light comedy domestic family drama.# Spring Festival Miniseries Competition

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