OPPO Find X5 SeriesWill it be the artisan’s masterpiece of 2022 integrated ceramics?

Before the Spring Festival, the popular digital blogger @digital Chat station revealed that there would be a large number of new phones released by mobile phone manufacturers.As expected, at 9am on February 17th, OPPO’s official blog released a video of the OPPO Find X5 series.Online for OPPO Find X5 series of new machine heated discussion degree, is instantly increased.The Slogan of the OPPO Find X5 series mobile phone is: “One image, two chips”. If I guess correctly, one of the chips is likely to be the previously released Mariana X self-developed image NPU.It can be imagined that green factory is quite confident about the image performance of this series of new machines.Of course, in addition to the image performance of the new OPPO Find X5 series, we can also learn the appearance of the new OPPO Find X5 series production process.The new integrated nanocrystalline ceramics are a combination of traditional technology and industrial design.At the same time, the body of the phone can be seen sliding out of the milky slurry, the whole process is quite smooth, the texture is very heavy.Is this a sign that the new OPPO Find X5 series will have a soft, comfortable feel?(The new OPPO Find X5 series has a family design.) In addition, through this production process video, we noticed that the new OPPO Find X5 series has a unique rear lens module that is identical to several flagship phones released by OPPO.For example, OPPO Find X3 series and OPPO Find N foldable mobile phone all adopt the lens module design of craters.In my opinion, this design style and trend are very similar to the high-end flagship mobile phones of Apple and Huawei, which can be regarded as a highly recognizable family design language.And the green factory chose to do so, nothing more than to create a more high-end appearance, even if it is a flagship phone’s fine heritage is not too much.(Commercial in the first quarter of this year?Will the OPPO Find X5 series be available?(OPPO Find X5 series of new machine will be released on February 24 worldwide) according to the current official information, whether the OPPO Find X5 series of new machine design, or its unique body texture, is basically the industry’s best level.And the video performance of the new series should also be very reassuring;In addition to OPPO’s own image algorithm, Hasselblad’s color tuning technology and mariana X’s own image NPU are also likely to appear in the new series, although no official announcement has been made yet.If you want to change your phone recently, please look forward to the press conference at 19:00 on February 24th. Maybe there will be more surprises for the new OPPO Find X5 series.

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