How can high-rise building lighting project be done to highlight characteristics

In modern cities, there are many high-rise buildings, which not only provide more usable space, but also often become the city’s beautiful scenery, especially in the city’s night scene.Therefore, high-rise building lighting engineering should be scientific and reasonable, visual beauty, low carbon environmental protection, green lighting.I. Science, Technology and Culture and Art High-rise buildings, as the bright spot or even the landmark building of a city, have rich cultural and artistic characteristics.Therefore, the lighting project must combine science and technology with culture and art to create a unique architectural night lighting.During the day, people experience the beauty of the building in natural light, and at night, the light opens the beauty of the world in darkness.Two, the correct use of light and color high-rise building lighting engineering needs correct light and color.If not appropriate, the main performance is improper use of color light, especially in large public buildings.These architectural landscape should be careful to use color light, light tone to simple, generous, harmonious, bright.Architectural lighting should be full of artistic charm and give people artistic visual beauty.Third, attach importance to the scientific nature of energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection.As the product of modernization, high-rise building lighting project should pay more attention to the scientific nature of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.Some super high-rise buildings use facade floodlights for illumination, but due to the inability to grasp the position, direction and light distribution characteristics of the projection lamp, it will lead to a large amount of light overflow.In addition, the top of some high-rise buildings is relatively high, and excessive use of light will destroy the night sky environment, affecting astronomical observation.Therefore, in the construction of high-rise building lighting project, it is necessary to promote rational lighting, promote high-tech lighting to save energy, and implement green lighting to reduce light pollution.

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