Hawthorn effect and action how do hawthorn do eat

In the life to hawthorn, everybody is most familiar with the ice sugar gourd that is made with hawthorn, hawthorn piece, hawthorn strip and so on.Actually the effect of hawthorn and action have a lot of, besides make food, hawthorn still can appetic, fall blood fat, fall blood pressure, adjust period menstruation is not adjusted, it is to the body have a lot of profit.The following with small make up to see the effect and role of hawthorn, hawthorn how to eat!01 Hawthorn effect and effect 1. Reduce blood fat prevention and cure cardiovascular disease, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, soften blood vessels and diuretic and sedative effect.2 appetizers and digestion, especially to eliminate meat stagnation effect is better, a lot of digestive drugs are used in hawthorn.3. Hawthorn has the effect of activating blood and removing silt, which helps to remove local congestion and has auxiliary effect on the injury of falling and beating.4. Auxiliary diarrhea Hawthorn has antiasthmatic phlegm, inhibit bacteria, auxiliary abdominal pain diarrhea components.5. Promote the recovery of the uterus hawthorn on the uterine contraction, in the pregnant women have the effect of childbirth, and can promote postpartum uterine recovery.6. The material such as flavonoid that fight aging hawthorn place contains and vitamin C, carotene can block and reduce the generation of free radical, can enhance the immunity of airframe, have the effect that prevents aging.02 Hawthorn how to do eat a lot of people think the taste of hawthorn is too sour, eat directly will feel difficult to swallow, in this case can put hawthorn and rock sugar together.In fact, the production method of ice sugar gourd is also very simple, as long as we master the correct method of making sugar past, and then wrap a layer of sugar on the surface of hawthorn, you can make sour and sweet ice sugar gourd to the delicious.Two, boiled water to drink fresh hawthorn can also wash clean, peeled and boiled water to drink after the core, boiled water in the process of adding some rock sugar or honey, boiled hawthorn water sour and sweet delicious, plus it has a unique effect of promoting defecation, so it is very helpful to people who lose weight.Three, making everyone if you want to put the hawthorn hawthorn sauce permanently preserved, can try to make haw sauce, many people think that jam the production process is very tedious, actually make your own haw sauce method is simple, and in the process of making no complex additive, eating up more safe.Four, steamed to eat for hawthorn too sour taste, in fact, there are a lot of processing methods, a relatively simple way is to steamed hawthorn to eat.Steamed hawthorn taste more soft and delicate, and the acidity will be reduced, is a very good choice in the process of eating hawthorn.Five, make hawthorn cake, of course, hawthorn is also a good seasoning material to do a variety of desserts.I don’t know if you have heard of haws cake this dessert, their use of fresh hawthorn can also be made.Hawthorn cakes are mixed with the necessary ingredients and steamed on a steamer to make them appetizing and delicious.: This article comes from the network, the copyright belongs to the originator, please be sure to indicate the source.This article is shared for the purpose of dissemination and learning exchange and is not responsible for the opinion of the article.All kinds of dietary prescription, prescription, prescription and so on are only for reference, non-professionals do not blindly try!The advertisement in this article is automatically generated by the system and this number has nothing to do.If you have any questions, please leave a message online, we will deal with it as soon as possible, thank you.

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