From left-behind children in earthquake-stricken areas to winning the Asian Cup, Zhang Linyan has transformed herself into a butterfly

Xinhua News Agency Chengdu, February 8 (Reporter Xie Jiao)Coming off the bench to create a penalty and then head home the crucial equaliser, zhang Linyan, who was born in the 2000s, had a stunning performance in the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup final.At that moment, in her hometown of Jiangyou City, Mianyang city, Sichuan Province, the whole family sat together to watch the match.Chinese players celebrate after the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in Beijing, Feb 6, 2017.Thirteen years ago, she was still a left-behind child living in a wooden house in the earthquake-stricken area of Wenchuan.What made her break the cocoon into a butterfly and grow into the person she dreamed of being?Behind her is a county-level women’s soccer team — over the past ten years, Jiangyou, Sichuan Province, has cultivated more than 80 first-level athletes, including two current national women’s soccer players, one international elite, and three national elite…And more than ten football teachers with meager allowances, some white-haired, some main business is mathematics, some gave up the coastal high salary……They insist on free training to select, train and transfer the children to a higher competitive platform, lifting the football dream of girls.After the earthquake, she joined the Jiangyou Women’s soccer team on the afternoon of July 7, the reporter knocked on a residential house in Jiangyou, Mianyang, Sichuan province. The old and young Zhangs were happily celebrating at home, and zhang Linyan’s MEDALS and certificates from childhood to childhood were placed on a table.Father Zhang Shouwu eyes red: “too excited to sleep last night.”Zhang Linyan’s family shows the honors zhang Linyan won during her growth in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.Zhang Shouwu can’t play football, he was cooking from primary school, specialty dishes are pickled pepper fresh rabbit and dried pot chicken fat sausage.Rely on cook craft, he and his wife are in guangdong, Fujian to wait for a place to work all the time, daughter Zhang Linyan and grandma stay in hometown Jiang You.May 12, 2008, just on the first grade of primary school Zhang Linyan is on duty cleaning, Wenchuan earthquake hit……Zhang Shouwu couple home is May 19, they found Lin Yan and grandma in the relief tent.Xiao Lin Yan especially sensible, Zhang Shouwu to do disaster relief volunteers, Xiao Lin Yan followed him.With the help of the whole country, jiangyou people quickly stood up from the ruins.Jiangyou No. 1 Middle School led the women’s football team to continue to seize, become an important part of the spiritual reconstruction.In 2009, coach Wenrong came to the garden primary school built by the board house to select a group of seedlings.”Look at this. A baby a few years older than her can beat her.”Zhang Linyan was pushed to Wenrong in front of her, when she was thin thin small, only about 1 meters, big eyes bright.”Try?”Conditions are limited, in front of the board house in the open space test.Zhang Linyan’s standing long jump and 30-meter run were far better than ordinary children. Wen Rong waved his hand and said, “Come on, children, play football!”Coach Wen Rong (first from right) watches childhood Zhang Linyan (first from left) training.Zhang Linyan was the youngest among more than 40 girls recruited after the earthquake.They train Saturday and Sunday for free.Everything started from scratch, no coaches, no facilities, no venues…But there is no lack of love and attention, Jiangyou No. 1 Middle School led more than 40 schools in the county to persevere and support their initial dream.When the Jiangyou Women’s football team was reorganized in 2006, there were only two coaches, Wen Rong and Liu Haitao, and four children.After the 2008 earthquake, the whole city could not find a standard football field, and most schools were built with wooden houses. Women’s football team had to use a narrow space to carry out after-school training. They interpreted the essence of football in the most primitive way — participation, happiness and no utility.Funds are not enough, jiangyou women’s football team raised money;The winter training clothes of the team members shall be worn after one session and then worn after the next session.Without a goalkeeping coach, they searched everywhere and found that He Fei, a physical education teacher at Houba Junior High School, 50 kilometers from the county seat, had played as a goalkeeper in college, so they invited him out.The fourth coach was He Gongliang, a rural math teacher.He graduated from the local normal Normal school, which is designed to train rural teachers. One teacher covers all classes in the class.He has been teaching in the village and township primary schools in Zhonghua town, Jiangyou, for more than 20 years.The school has no physical education teacher and relies on him to preside over sports events.In 2007, Wenrong came to him and said he wanted to choose women’s football team, so He gongliang began training women’s football team.There is no football, jiangyou no. 1 special sent 10 football, really practice out of a batch of seedlings.Later, Wenrong introduced the old he transferred to the county near the taibai primary school, he Gongliang thought to continue to teach mathematics, people said, “you are a football talent, change to teach football.”In 2011, he gongliang officially became the youth coach of Jiangyou Women’s Football Team. He led the team to play in sichuan Province’s “Germinating Cup”, which caused a sensation in the whole province.This “little spot” is Zhang Linyan.In 2012, at the age of 11, Zhang Linyan was selected by Jiangyou Women’s Football Team to Guangzhou Evergrande Real Madrid School. The following year, she scored four goals in the Asian Regional final of THE UNDER-14 Women’s Soccer tournament, ranking second in the goalscoring list.A piece of uncut jade is being carved.In the 2013 CCTV Football Night program, Zhang Linyan expressed her wish: I want to lead The Chinese football team to surpass sun Wen’s era.People don’t know how much Zhang Linyan suffered, her parents know, Jiangyou women’s football know.In 2016, Zhang Linyan suffered a serious injury that threatened her career.Zhu Shayu’s mother came back to Chengdu from the construction site in Gansu province. She hugged her daughter and cried, “Would it be good to stop playing football?Parents smash the pot to sell iron also want to provide your study.”Zhang Linyan shook her head: “No, football is indispensable to me, I must play.”Finish an operation, to recover at an early date, Zhang Linyan pesters a doctor to inquire about the method of rehabilitation, go scientific recovery hard.”Women’s football doesn’t attract much attention or make much money. She likes it more. It’s her dream.”Zhu shayu said that in the hospital she took a football, from jogging, to jogging, later in Chengdu to find a football field practice, finally back to the game.In 2018, Zhang Suffered a serious knee injury.In the process of recovery, Sun Wen knows that she likes Messi, sent a messi’s signature jersey, Messi specially wrote her name “Zhanglinyan”, to cheer the little girl.On feb 7, zhanglinyan’s father zhang shouwu shows messi’s signed jersey. Messi wrote zhanglinyan as encouragement.She returned to Jiangyou and asked coach He Fei to train her physical fitness and ball sense.”She is extremely disciplined. She doesn’t eat high-calorie foods, she doesn’t touch carbonated drinks, and she runs every day to rebuild her muscles. Her mother runs with her on a scooter.””She’s as tanned as the rest of the team,” he said. “That’s what a female soccer player should look like.”Zhang Linyan came back to the court again.After the Asian Cup final victory, jiangyou women’s football coaches in front of the TV could not stand it any longer, He Fei secretly wiped tears from his eyes.”The Chinese women’s football team is worth our efforts!It is sweeter than anything to see the dolls improve and struggle.””Coach Tan Famin, 57, said.

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