Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania gave a lecture at the Tanzanian Defence Academy

On February 11, Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Chen Mingjian delivered a lecture on “China’s Foreign Policy and China-africa and China-Tanzania Relations” at the 10th Security and Strategic Research Class of the Tanzanian National Defense Academy.More than 50 participants from 12 countries including Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh attended the ceremony, including major General Mhona, president of the college, some teachers, government officials and military officers.Present were Military Attache Yutian of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania and Chief military expert Tong Wenqi.Ambassador Chen introduced China’s diplomacy in the centralized and unified leadership of the communist party of China’s glorious achievements and formed distinct characteristics, stressed that China’s diplomacy with the seeks happiness for the people, for national revival, for human progress, seeks the datong beginner’s mind mission for the world, keep up, self-motivated, not only for safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests played an important role,It has also made positive contributions to world peace and development and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.Through detailed examples and data, Ambassador Chen vividly reproduced the development history and important achievements of China-Africa relations and fully revealed the contemporary nature and superiority of China’s Africa policy and philosophy.Ambassador also introduces the concept of China’s Africa policy deeply in the concrete embodiment of temple in the relationship, and emphasized China will hold the china-africa cooperation BBS of the eighth minister will be an important opportunity, in the temple and all the way “area” with relative support temple development strategy, expanding pragmatic cooperation in all areas, to better benefit the two peoples.Ambassador Chen illustrated introduced China’s national defense policy and winter Olympic Games in Beijing, said China unswervingly pursues a national defense policy that is defensive, insist on will never seek hegemony, never, never seek sphere, stressed that China has confidence and ability for the world to present a simple, safe, wonderful winter games, and willing to work with love “into the future together”, strengthen the sports field of cooperation,We will work together to promote national health and the development of sports.The teachers and students at the meeting thanked Ambassador Chen for his wonderful and vivid lecture, which helped them have a comprehensive and profound understanding of China’s foreign policy and the development of China-Africa relations. They said that China’s commitment to the path of peaceful development through win-win cooperation and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind have won deep resonance among the people.Mhona spoke highly of China’s achievements in social development, stressing that China-Africa friendship is beyond doubt, China-Africa cooperation has achieved remarkable results and China’s contribution to Africa is respected. Mhona called on African countries to take immediate actions to strengthen cooperation with China in building the Belt and Road Initiative and push forward China-Africa relations.Ambassador Chen also answered questions and exchanged views with participants on socialism with Chinese characteristics, China’s “code” for economic growth, the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Us relations.(Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Tanzania) An authoritative platform for releasing information on China-Africa cooperation through Direct Access to Africa

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