Anhui Normal University settled in Hefei, other cities can the university study?

Anhui normal university settled down formally hefei, feixi thoroughly took off, had been the country 100 strong counties, Anhui first, when zoning?Although is the best normal university in the province of anhui normal university, because has been in wuhu, influence more than in the provincial capital of anhui university, hefei hfut, AnYiDa and other colleges and universities, and even this year revealed 105 freshmen did not come to school to report for duty, it set up campus in hefei, believe that is a win-win situation, fractional line estimates will be a rising tide lifts all boats,Everyone will vie for the Hefei campus of Ann Normal University!It was previously rumored that Anhui University of Science and Technology was preparing to establish a campus in Hefei and planned to merge anhui Vocational College.According to this logic, can suzhou University, Fuyang Normal University and Huaibei Normal University in the north of Anhui Province, Chizhou University and Huangshan University in the south, Lu ‘an University in the west, Huainan University in the middle, Bengbu Medical College and Anhui University of Finance and Economics all set up campuses in Hefei?That will not only increase the number of students, but also improve the quality and popularity of the local city schools. At the same time, it will also promote the development of the provincial capital Hefei, which is expected to add several more university cities and realize its goal of becoming a Type ⅰ city more quickly.Do you think it’s possible?

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